1.We will inform you of the weight, measurements, number of cases, cost of the drawings and other documents seven days before delivering the documents to the airplane.

我们将在文件空运 7 天前告诉你重量、尺寸、箱子号码、图纸成本和其它的文件

2.Drawings and technical documents will be sent to you by registered airmail.图纸和技术文件将由挂号空邮寄给你

3.Expenses for the technology transfer shall be fair and reasonable .


4.The royalty rate shall not be higher than the standard international rate.


5.The technology transfer fee shall be paid in royalties.


6.The royalty rate shall be 15% of the net sales value of the products.

专利费应占产品总价值的  15%

7.The royalty rate shall be calculated on the net sales of the products turned our with transferred technology.


8.You ’ll  pay for  the imported  technology  in  the form of royalties apart  from a certain  initial  down payment.


9.We shall pay you 8% on the retail prices of all the goods manufactured with the transferred technology.

我们将支付你技术转移的制造产品零售价的 8%

10.We require that at the signature of the technology transfer agreement, you will provide us with the bank guarantee for the transfer of all payments.


11.The expenses incurred for this purpose will have to be borne by the Chinese side.


12.We will pay all the expenses involved in documentation and transfer of knowledge.


13.We will pay all the specialists for their services rendered to us.


14.We hope you will continue offering us improved technology without extra charges.


15.To help our joint venture, we hope that you would keep supplying us with advanced management techniques and technologies.


16.We shall help you to update the present and future technology concerned with the production from time to time.


17.As you know that technology is advancing all the time, we hope that you continue offering us your improved technologies.


18.We think that it is better to transfer our knowledge in the form of know-how investment.


19,First let ’s start  with the delivery  of all  the drawings,  technical data and other  documents relating to the engines.


20.You will undertake the obligations to deliver to us the drawing, information and other data.