wish“要求支付消费者 VAT”订单常见问题解答

在wish商户平台或Merchant Plus平台上,某些欧盟路向、英国路向和德国路向的订单可能会显示“要求支付消费者 VAT”标记。本文将为商户解答有关此类订单的一些常见问题。


下面有关欧盟的内容与 CEST 时间2021年7月1日凌晨0时起生效的欧盟履单要求有关。如需了解更多信息,请点击此处

CEST 时间2021年6月26日凌晨0时(即 UTC 时间2021年6月25日晚10时)及之后释放的从欧盟境外发货的欧盟路向订单,如果包裹的预计*用户支付产品价格大于150欧元(不包括运费、税费等用户支付的所有其他费用),则从 CEST 时间2021年7月1日凌晨0时(即 UTC 时间2021年6月30日晚10时)起,这些订单在商户平台或 Merchant Plus 平台上将显示“要求支付消费者 VAT”标记。商户必须使用提供 DDP(Delivered Duty Paid,完税后交货)服务的指定物流服务商来履行这些订单。提供 DDP 服务的物流服务商可协助(向海关)代缴 Wish 收取的增值税和/或关税。

* 请注意,Wish 将在商户平台或 Merchant Plus 平台上基于单个订单 ID 添加“要求支付消费者 VAT”标记,并假定1个订单 ID = 1个包裹。因此,包裹的预计用户支付产品价格 = 单个订单 ID 的用户支付产品价格。


“Pay Customer VAT “PC-VAT” required” Orders FAQ

Certain European Union-, United Kingdom-, and Germany-bound orders may be marked with the “Pay Customer VAT “PC-VAT” required” flag in Merchant Dashboard or Merchant Plus dashboard. This FAQ walks merchants through some commonly-asked questions about these types of orders.

Orders bound for the European Union

The below EU specific section is related to EU fulfillment requirements effective July 1, 2021 12:00AM CEST. See here for more information.

EU-bound orders released on or after June 26, 2021 12:00AM CEST (i.e., June 25, 2021 10:00PM UTC) shipped from outside of the EU where the expected* customer-paid product price for the corresponding consignment is greater than €150 (excluding all other customer payments such as shipping and taxes) will have the order highlighted with a "Pay Customer VAT "PC-VAT" required" flag in Merchant Dashboard or Merchant Plus dashboard, starting July 1, 2021 12:00AM CEST (i.e., June 30, 2021 10:00PM UTC). Merchants are required to use specific carriers that provide Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) services to fulfill these types of orders. Carriers providing DDP services offer support to remit (at customs) VAT amount collected by Wish and/or customs duties.

* Note that Wish applies the “Pay Customer VAT “PC-VAT” required” flag to individual Order ID in Merchant Dashboard or Merchant Plus dashboard, and assumes that 1 Order ID = 1 consignment/package. Therefore, the expected customer-paid product price for the consignment = the customer-paid product price for the individual Order ID.