wish商户可在“税务设置”页面设置其有义务就订单缴纳间接税(例如销售税、商品及服务税 (GST) 和增值税 (VAT))的司法管辖区,如美国、加拿大、部分欧洲国家/地区、墨西哥和英国。之后Wish 将计算并代收预估的纳税金额,并转交给商户,由商户缴纳给相关税务机关。

具体而言,美国、加拿大、欧洲、墨西哥和英国适用订单的预估间接税缴纳金额(美国和加拿大订单在结帐时会有单独一行显示销售税;欧洲、墨西哥和英国订单则显示包含 GST/VAT 的价格)将由 Wish 代收,并在下一个结款日支付给商户(付款资格条款适用),但 Wish 在当地登记为交易平台并代收税费、个人商户账户类型缴纳墨西哥 VAT,以及特定英国路向订单缴纳英国 VAT 等例外情况除外(点此了解详情)。商户可以在订单历史记录、“订单详情”页面和付款账单中查看需缴税订单的预估间接税缴纳金额。

若您在特定地区无需就您在 Wish.com 上的销售缴纳间接税,请勿提供您在这些地区的间接税登记信息。商户应在“税务设置”中正确识别其申报义务,履行其销售税/增值税合规义务,准确提交申报表,并为此负有最终责任。


How to activate and edit Tax Settings in Merchant Dashboard?

With the availability of Tax Settings, merchants have the ability to indicate the jurisdictions where they have obligations to remit indirect tax (e.g. sales tax, GST and VAT) on sales in the United States, Canada, select European countries, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Wish will then calculate and collect the estimated tax amounts and pass them on to merchants, who may then remit to the applicable tax authorities.

Specifically, the estimated indirect tax amounts for the applicable US, Canadian, European, Mexican, and UK orders will be collected from customers (as a separate sales tax line item at checkout in the US and Canada; whereas European, Mexican, and UK orders will show GST/VAT inclusive pricing), and included in the merchant’s next scheduled payment (subject to Payment Eligibility terms), with certain exceptions such as marketplace regions, Mexico VAT for Individual merchant account type, and UK VAT for specific types of UK-bound orders (learn more here). Merchants may view the estimated indirect tax amounts for applicable orders in their Order History, Order details pages, and payment invoices.

Please do not supply indirect tax registration information in areas where you do not believe indirect tax applies to your sales on Wish.com. Merchants are ultimately responsible for correctly identifying their filing obligations in the Tax Settings and ensuring their sales tax/VAT compliance obligations are met and returns are submitted accurately.