Merch Collab Brand Profile的用途是为设计者指明具体方向,以便他们能设计出您愿意批准的作品。提供有关您品牌的注意事项,说明设计者可以利用的任何徽标和资产。作为品牌,您可以随时更新和编辑您的品牌资料。


  • 包括明确的注意事项。
  • 具体说明已获批使用的图片/资产。
  • 提供有关您的品牌(包括品牌历史和愿景)以及品牌核心受众(年龄、性别、兴趣等)的可靠描述。
  • 包含品牌的任何现有商品的图片,以作为参考。
  • 包含用以传达您的品牌愿景的心情版。
  • 提供关于设计审核时间表和截止日期的信息。通常,设计者想要知道他们何时可以收到您的回复。



Merch Collab Brand Profile best practices

The goal of the Merch Collab Brand Profile is to provide designers with specific direction to create designs that you are likely to approve. Provide the do's and don'ts about your brand, and any logos and assets for the designers to leverage. As a Brand, you can update and edit your Brand Profile at any time.

While providing the below details is optional, it is highly recommended to establish the quality of design submissions you would like to receive.

  • Include clear do's and don'ts.
  • Be specific with approved image/asset usage.
  • Provide a robust description of what your brand is (including brand history and vision) and your brand's core audience (age, gender, interests, etc.).
  • Include images of any existing merchandise your brand has as a reference.
  • Include a mood board to convey your brand vision.
  • Provide insight into your design review timelines and cadences. Often designers want to know when they can expect to hear back from you.