• 免费物品应位于底部,而不要占用大部分空间

  • 展开产品的例外情况可以更清楚地说明

  • 封面图片不应有过多的文字,因为看起来很乱

  • 产品必须覆盖至少60%的镜框

  • 不允许裁剪的产品用作封面图片

Tips: 在成人类别中列出产品时,请注意要遵守其他准则。 有关更多信息,请参阅Shopee的《成人刊登指南》。


Cover image criteria - others

  • Free items should be at the bottom and not taking majority of space

  • Exceptions for unwrapped product are allowed for clearer illustration

  • Cover images should not have excessive text as it looks very messy

  • Product must cover at least 60% of the image frame

  • Cropped products are not allowed for cover images

Tips: When listing products in adult categories, do take note that there are additional guidelines to be met. For more information, please refer to Shopee’s Adult Listing Guidelines.