若需要查看您的产品状态,请点击Wish商户平台的 产品>查看所有产品 页面内的产品ID。如果产品ID链接有效,则产品在Wish平台为可售状态。同时,查看产品表现请前往业绩>销售业绩


Why do my products not show up in search?

Wish provides a personalized shopping experience for customers, which is a win-win for both customers and merchants because Wish helps connect your products to the most relevant customers. 

Your products will be featured on the personalized product browsing feeds of customers who are most likely to engage with your product listings. Engagement actions comprise of customers adding products to their wishlists, sharing them with their friends, and purchases. The higher the engagement, the more likely your products will show up for similar audiences.

It is important to understand that Wish is primarily an exploration-based platform as opposed to a search-based shopping platform, thus most customers engage with products through their personalized product feeds instead of through direct keyword searches, or on store pages.

If you do not see your own products when searching, that does not mean other customers cannot see it in their feeds. As long as your products are active, it will be eligible to show up in feeds.

To check the status of your products, you may view their products on Wish by clicking the Product Id in Products>View All Products. If a product can be viewed by its product link, it is available for sale on Wish. You may also track your product performance on Performance>Sales Performance.