Made in Italy

亚马逊的 Made in Italy 店铺专门销售根据现行法规分类为 [ Made in Italy ] 的意大利商品。Made in Italy 店铺中的商品包括大企业、小公司,甚至是艺术家制造的商品。该店铺旨在推广 [ Made in Italy ] 的风格和传统,放眼全球,意大利制造就是用料考究、细节精湛、创造革新的代名词。

Made in Italy 店铺将意大利最具代表性的各种商品推荐给买家。在主页上,您能看到各种精选商品,具体涵盖以下分类: 食品和酒水、家居和家具(家具、家居用品、纺织品和家居饰品)、服装和配饰(服装、鞋靴、手提包、珠宝和手表)以及美容化妆和健康用品(个人护理用品)。

如何成为 Made in Italy 卖家?

根据对使用 [ Made in Italy ] 一词的监管要求,商品要在 Made in Italy 页面上展示,必须完全在意大利制造,或者在意大利完成最终本质上的且经济上合理的转变或处理。您可以在此处查看欧盟海关代码。

卖家需要获得批准才能在 Made in Italy 店铺中发布商品。只有信誉良好、态度积极的卖家才有资格将其商品申报加入 Made in Italy 计划。点击此处申请批准并提交您希望在 Made in Italy 计划中销售的商品。

如果您尚未注册在亚马逊上销售商品,点击此处 即可开始。

如何让我的商品进入亚马逊国际网站的 Made in Italy 店铺?、、、、、 和 均开设有 Made in Italy 店铺。要让您的商品获得在其他商城中展示的机会,必须满足以下两个要求:

  1. 商品在该商城中要有一个使用当地语言编写的有效详情页面。

  2. 商品的 ASIN 必须进行注册并获得批准,具体方法是点击上方的批准申请链接。

    注意: 通常,无论商品在哪个商城销售,ASIN 应该只有一个,因此您在进行上述注册时只需提交一次 ASIN 即可。但是,如果您在不同商城中使用的 ASIN 编码不同,则您需要点击各个当地店铺的按钮,为以上列出的每个商城提供相应的 ASIN 编码。

我已经提交了 Made in Italy 商品,但是在店铺里没有看到这些商品。


  • 您提交的商品在 Made in Italy 店铺中展示前需要经过若干审批流程,整个过程最多可能需要两周时间。

  • 您可能为商品选择了错误的商品分类。要更正分类,请在卖家平台的管理库存中找到相关商品,检查其分类情况并进行相应调整。

  • Made in Italy 店铺只展示经过甄选最能体现意大利制造理念的商品。但是,如果您的商品未被店铺选中但仍符合条件,则在商品详情页面上仍会显示 [ Made in Italy ] 标记。

  • 您的商品详情页面不符合亚马逊的质量标准和指南要求。请保证您的商品遵守亚马逊的商品详情页面规则。


Made in Italy

Amazon's Made in Italy storefront is a section dedicated to Italian products that can be classified as "Made in Italy" according to current regulations. The products in the Made in Italy storefront include those made by large companies, small businesses, and even artisans. The aim of the store is to spread the style and tradition of "Made in Italy", a label synonymous throughout the world with refinement of materials, attention to detail, and creativity.

The Made in Italy storefront helps customers discover a wide range of items that best represent Italy. On the home page, you’ll find select products in the following categories: Food & Wine, Home & Furniture (furniture, household items, textiles, and home décor), Apparel & Accessories (clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and watches), and Beauty & Wellness (products for personal care).

How do I become a Made in Italy seller?

To be displayed on the Made in Italy page, products must be made entirely in Italy or have undergone the last substantial and economically justified transformation or processing in Italy, in accordance with the regulatory requirements governing the use of the term "Made in Italy". You can view the Union Customs Code here.

Approval is required to list your products on the Made in Italy storefront. Only active sellers in good standing will be eligible to have their listings qualify for Made in Italy. Click here to request approval and submit your products to be considered for Made in Italy.

If you haven’t registered to sell on Amazon yet, click here to begin.

How can I include my products on the Made in Italy storefronts of Amazon’s international sites?

The Made in Italy storefront is available on,,,,,, and In order for your product to be displayed in the showcase of another marketplace, two requirements must be met:

  1. The product must have an active detail page on that marketplace, in the local marketplace language.

  2. The product’s ASIN must be registered and approved by clicking on the button at the top of this page.

    Note: Generally, a product has the same ASIN regardless of marketplace, so you should only need to submit it once when you register above. However, if the ASIN code differs between marketplaces, you will need to provide the different ASIN codes for each of the marketplaces listed above by clicking on the button on each of the local storefronts.

I’ve submitted my products for Made in Italy, but I don’t see them on the storefront yet.

If your products are not visible in the showcase, the reason could be one of the following:

  • It can take up to two weeks for product submissions to be reviewed, approved, and displayed on Made in Italy.

  • Your product might not be classified in the appropriate product category. To correct the categorization, locate your listing in Manage Inventory in Seller Central to verify or edit your listing’s category.

  • The Made in Italy storefront showcases only select products that are most representative of the Made in Italy concept. However, if your product isn't chosen for the storefront but it still qualifies, it will still get a "Made in Italy" badge visible on the product detail page.

  • Your product detail pages do not meet Amazon's quality standards and guidelines. Make sure they comply with Amazon’s Product detail page rules.