1. 打开您的CSV文件,若需要添加更多图片,您所需做的是创建“附图1”、“附图2”等更多的列。

  2. 复制、粘贴图片URL链接到这些文本框(介绍)。

  3. 登录您的Wish商户账号。您可在商户后台首页通过点击右上角“登录”按钮并输入账号信息来进入您的商户账号。

  4. 一旦登录进您的Wish商户账号,通过点击左上角“产品”进行手动上传。此外,鼠标悬停在“更新现有产品”按钮并点击“产品CSV文件”。您将跳转到CSV上传页面。当您登录您的Wish商户账号后您亦可通过点击此处来到CSV上传页面。

  5. 向下滚动鼠标到“上传您的CSV文件”,然后上传您的文件。

  6. 恰当地映射您的列数据。在此情况下,仅需将您的附图链接至图片列:图片URL1、图片URL2,等


How To: Add Photos On CSV

Adding additional photos is a great way to increase your sales and draw more attention to your items. Users prefer a better visual understanding of each item!

Adding Photos through CSV Feed File:

  1. Open your CSV file. All you need to do to add more images is to create more columns “Extra Image 1” “Extra image 2,” and so on.

  2. Copy and paste the image URLs into these boxes (covered here).

  3. Log into your 'Wish for Merchants' account. You can do this on the Wish for Merchants homepage by clicking “login” on the top right-hand corner and entering your merchant credentials.

  4. Once you are logged in, go to the manual upload by clicking “Products” in the top left-hand corner. Then, hover on “Update Existing Products” and click “Product CSV File”. This should take you to your CSV upload page, which you can also get to by clicking here when you are logged in for your 'Wish for Merchants' account.

  5. Scroll down to “Upload your CSV file,” and upload your file.

  6. Map your columns appropriately. In this case, it is just a matter of linking your additional images to our image columns: Image URL 1, Image URL 2, and so on.