出现此报错是因为您提交的批量编辑文件中有一个或多个Unique ID/SKU已经存在。

这意味着已有个体使用了此Unique ID或是提交的批量编辑文件中有多行变量使用了同一个Unique ID。

错误修正:确保批量编辑文件中每一行的Unique ID都不相同并且批量编辑文件中各个变量的Unique ID都未被已有产品使用。 



 Invalid Variation

This error occurred because one or more rows in your feed contains a Unique ID/SKU that already exists on Wish.

This could mean that there is already an item on Wish that has this exact Unique ID or that multiple rows in your feed file have the same Unique ID.

Troubleshoot this issue: Make sure that all rows have different Unique IDs and that none of the variations (rows) in the feed file you're uploading share a Unique ID with an existing item on Wish.

Please Note: If you are trying to edit an existing product on Wish, use the Update Existing Products tool.