wish 平台:缺少父唯一 ID/父级SKU

发生这一错误的原因是,源文件中至少有一行没有父唯一 ID/SKU。

问题解决:确保“父唯一 ID”列中的所有值均正确,如果某一行中包含具有尺码和/或颜色变量的产品,须确保该行同时拥有父唯一 ID和唯一ID。

wish 平台:无效的父唯一 ID/父级SKU

发生这一错误的原因是源文件中至少有一个父唯一 ID/SKU在Wish上不存在


  • 此产品在Wish上尚不存在。 您是否已将产品上传到Wish?如果您尚未将产品上传到Wish,则必须先上传,然后才能对其进行编辑或更新。请先使用“添加产品”工具添加产品。

  • 一个或多个父唯一 ID/SKU输入有误。仔细检查,确保正确输入源文件中所有的父唯一 ID。Wish系统中已经存在的父唯一 ID是此工具能够识别的唯一ID,因此源文件中的父唯一 ID必须与您在Wish上更新的产品的父唯一 ID相匹配。


Missing Parent Unique ID/Parent SKU

This error occurred because at least one of the rows in your feed file does not have a Parent Unique ID/SKU.

Troubleshoot this issue: Make sure that all values in the Parent Unique ID column are correct and that all rows that contain an item with a size and/or color variation have a Parent Unique ID as well as a Unique ID.

Invalid Parent Unique ID/Parent SKU

This error occurred because at least one of the Parent Unique IDs/SKUs in your feed file does not exist on Wish.

This could have occurred for one of the following reasons:

  • The item is not already on Wish. Have you uploaded these items to Wish yet? If you have not uploaded these items to Wish, you need to do that before you can edit or update them. Use the Add Products tool to add these items first.
    One or more Parent Unique IDs/SKUs was entered incorrectly. Double-check to make sure all Parent Unique IDs in your feed are entered correctly. Parent Unique IDs that are already in the Wish system are the only ones recognized by this tool, so the Parent Unique IDs in your feed file must match the Parent Unique IDs of the products you're updating on Wish.