请参阅小编其他文章的“ A+ 物流计划有哪些不支持的禁运品类?”部分,查看 A+物流计划不支持的禁运品类列表。

wish商户应在 WishPost 中正确申报特殊产品或敏感产品。同时,在包装敏感产品时,请务必确保从仓库到目的地之间的各种操作过程中的安全问题,包括运输、清关和用户拆包等过程。

补充1:wishA+ 物流计划巴西税务相关信息


2019年10月,巴西邮政电报公司宣布了一项新要求,自2020年1月1日起,将记录通过巴西海关进入巴西的所有产品的进口商税号。为了帮助所有中国商户遵守此项要求,A+ 物流计划正在积极收集在 Wish 平台上下单的每个巴西用户的 CPF 信息(即适用的巴西公民和外籍居民的个人纳税人税号)。

对于商户的巴西路向 A+ 物流计划订单,Wish 还会将用户的 CPF 信息打印在物流标签上,然后再配送至用户在巴西的地址。

因此,商户应按照正常程序履行所有巴西路向的 A+ 物流计划订单,并遵守与 A+ 物流计划有关的所有 Wish 商户政策。商户无需采取其他措施来遵守巴西邮政电报公司的这项要求。


请参阅其他文章的” A+ 物流计划订单配送仓库地址“部分了解详情。


3. Are there any product categories unsupported by the Advanced Logistics Program for Brazil-bound orders?

Please consult "3. Product categories unsupported by the Advanced Logistics Program" in this article for a complete list of unsupported product categories.

Merchants should properly declare special or sensitive products in WishPost. In addition, when packaging sensitive products, please ensure safety during various processes from warehouses to destinations, including transportation, customs clearance, and customers unpacking.

4. Tax-related information

The Brazil personal parcel customs exemption amount is $50 USD. If the value of the package exceeds this amount, the customs may impose additional taxes based on the product category, and the customer (buyer) will be responsible for the tax.

In October 2019, the Brazilian Post and Telegraph Corporation announced its new requirement of recording the importer tax ID of all Brazil-bound items going through the Brazilian customs, effective January 1, 2020. To help all China-based merchants comply with this requirement, the Advanced Logistics Program is actively collecting the CPF information (i.e. the individual taxpayer IDs for applicable Brazilian citizens and resident aliens) of each Brazilian customer placing orders on Wish.

For merchants’ Brazil-bound Advanced Logistics Program orders, Wish will also print the CPF information on the shipping labels before delivering them to customers’ addresses in Brazil.

As such, merchants should fulfill all Brazil-bound Advanced Logistics Program orders per normal procedures and comply with all Wish Merchant Policies related to the Advanced Logistics Program. Merchants do not need to take additional actions to comply with the requirement from Brazilian Post and Telegraph Corporation.

5. Order delivery warehouse

Please consult "7. Warehouse address(es) to deliver Advanced Logistics Program orders to" in this article for details.

If you have more questions about the Advanced Logistics Program for Brazil-bound orders, please don’t hesitate to contact WishPost Customer Services, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.