目前,A+物流计划西班牙路向不接受申报价值超过150欧元的包裹;因此,如果商户需配送申报价值超过150欧元的西班牙路向包裹订单,请通过WishPost 申诉工具页面,在线提交申诉将该订单从A+物流计划中移除,并直发该订单。





    3. 订单配送仓库

    请查阅这份文章,并参考其中“wish平台 A+物流计划订单配送仓库地址“,以了解详情。

    4. 税务相关信息


    如以上信息没有解答您的问题,  您可以联系WishPost客服, wish商户平台将尽快给您答复。


    3. What is the maximum declared value for Spain-bound Advanced Logistics Program packages?

    Currently, the Advanced Logistics Program for Spain-bound orders does NOT accept packages with declared value above €150 Euro; if merchants ship Spain-bound orders whose packages’ declared value is above €150 Euro, please navigate to WishPost > the Dispute Toolkits page, and submit an online dispute to remove the corresponding orders from the Advanced Logistics Program and directly drop ship.

    4. Are there any product categories unsupported by the Advanced Logistics Program for Spain-bound orders?

    Please consult "3. Product categories unsupported by the Advanced Logistics Program" in this article for a complete list of unsupported product categories.

    Merchants should properly declare special or sensitive products in WishPost. In addition, when packaging sensitive products, please ensure safety during various processes from warehouses to destinations, including transportation, customs clearance, and customers unpacking.

    If merchants do not declare special or sensitive products in WishPost, but ship such products to the warehouse, merchants will be charged an additional 1 RMB per package of Sensitive Product Handling Fee.

    5. Order delivery warehouse

    Please consult "7. Warehouse address(es) to deliver Advanced Logistics Program orders to" in this article for details.

    6. Tax-related information

    Starting July 1, 2021, VAT exemption for the import of goods into the EU less than or equal to €22 Euro will be abolished. As a result, all goods imported into Spain will be subject to VAT.

    If you have more questions about the Advanced Logistics Program for Spain-bound orders, please do not hesitate to contact WishPost Customer Services, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.