由于收入分成比例是按订单计算的,因此您可以在商户平台或 Merchant Plus 平台的“订单详情”页面(还有其他几个地方)查看详细的收入分成,也可以通过 API 进行查看。


由于不同的产品品类目的国/地区、发货国/地区订单的 Wish Express 状态以及商户所在地/合法营业机构所在地对应的收入分成比例各不相同,wish商户平台强烈建议商户采取以下措施,以充分利用某些订单类型的收入分成比例较低的优势:

  • 在您有意向配送的目的国/地区附近设置主仓库和/或二级仓库,从而增加提供 Wish Express 配送的产品。

  • 在您有意向配送的地区设立营业机构。

  • 增加消费品或其他日用品的库存。

  • 减少情趣用品的库存。


How to find each order’s revenue share?

As revenue share percentage is calculated per order, you will now see revenue share details in the Order details page on Merchant Dashboard or Merchant Plus (along with a few other locations) and via API. For more details, please visit this Help Center article.

How to lower revenue share for your orders?

As different product categoriesdestination/origin regions, Wish Express status of an order, along with a merchant's region of domicile/legal establishment mean different revenue share percentages, we strongly encourage merchants to pursue the following efforts and take advantage of low revenue share for certain types of orders:

  • Set up Primary and/or Secondary warehouses in close proximity to the destinations you are interested in selling into, so you may offer Wish Express shipping for more of your products.

  • Set up business establishments in the regions that you are interested in selling into.

  • Increase inventory for consumer packaged goods or other household items.

  • Decrease inventory for sex toy products.