• 主题(万圣节、新年、假日季等)

  • 产品类别(手机、珠宝、乐队衬衫等)

  • 品牌(Nike、Playstation、Apple 等)


下图所示的产品集合的名称为“toys for kids”(儿童玩具)并搭配了一张相关的图片,因此能让用户快速了解该产品集合中包含的产品类型。


1. How should I determine my Collection Name and Collection Logo?

Your Collection Name and Logo are the first things customers will see when your collection appears for them, and will primarily be what gets customers to click on your collection. It is important that both the name and logo image are consistent with each other and the products you have included in your collection.

Ensure your logo image is visually appealing, high quality, and accurately represents the products in your collection. See below for logo image examples:

Your collection should have a name that accurately reflects any of the following categories for the products you have included in your collection:

  • Theme (Halloween, New Years, Holiday Season, etc.) 

  • Product category (headphones, jewelry, band shirts, etc.) 

  • Brand (Nike, Playstation, Apple, etc.)

A customer should be able to read the name of your collection and immediately understand what type of products they will find in that collection.

The collection highlighted in the image below is entitled “toys for kids” and pairs this name with a relevant image, allowing customers to quickly understand what types of products this collection will contain.