1. 如何知道我的产品是否入选促销产品?

如果您的产品入选促销产品,您除了会收到一封电子邮件通知外,还会在商户平台的产品 > 查看所有产品页面看到入选产品带有一个黄钻徽章,如下所示:

您也可以使用产品 API 和“is_promoted”属性来检测产品是否已成为促销产品。如需了解更多信息,请参阅此处和此处的 V2 和 V3 版 API 文档。

2. 促销产品有哪些限制?

商户政策3 - 产品促销规定了有关促销产品的相关政策。


  • 编辑产品主图

  • 编辑产品辅图

  • 编辑产品标题

  • 编辑产品描述

  • 提价过高(参见商户政策3.1 )

  • 减少库存(除非在商户政策3.2规定的范围内)

  • 添加新变体


2. How do I know if my products are selected to be promoted products?

In addition to an email notification, your products selected to be promoted products will have a yellow diamond badge on the Merchant Dashboard Products > View All Products page, as shown below:

You may also use the Product API and its attribute 'is_promoted' to detect whether a product has become a promoted product. Learn more here and here (v2 and v3 API Documentations).

3. What are the limitations on promoted products?

The Merchant Policy 3 - Product Promotion governs Wish's policies around promoted products.

Specifically, during the period your products are promoted, you are unable to:

  • Edit your main image

  • Edit your additional images

  • Edit your product title

  • Edit your product description

  • Engages in extreme price increase (per Merchant Policy 3.1)

  • Lower your inventory (unless within an acceptable range per Merchant Policy 3.2)

  • Add new variations