1. 如果我想更改促销产品的价格、运费、图片、描述或库存,该怎么办?

上传产品时,商户应尽可能输入准确、完整的产品信息,包括产品的图片、描述、运费和库存等。因为 Wish 的后端算法必须有效地将相关产品推送给正确的用户。



2. 如何将促销产品变为非促销产品?



4. What should I do if I want to change my product price, shipping price, images, product description, or inventory for a promoted product?

When products are uploaded merchants are encouraged to enter accurate information for the entirety of their products, from images, to product description, to shipping price, and inventory. This is encouraged because Wish’s back-end algorithm must effectively promote relevant products to the right consumers.

We do not allow merchants to update products once they are promoted (see Merchant Policy 3.3). Merchants are allowed to update their product price or shipping price (price increase is subject to Merchant Policy 3.1), or increase their inventory levels for a promoted product, but merchants cannot decrease inventory levels while your products are being promoted unless the decrease is within the acceptable range as allowed by Merchant Policy 3.2.

If you need to schedule a decrease in Inventory for a promoted product, use the Schedule Inventory Update tool.

5. How can I stop my products from being promoted?

We do not encourage amending your products once promoted. As our algorithm regularly runs multiple campaigns to drive greater impressions of promoted products, we require that promoted products be available for purchase during the promoted period.