2. 产品选择

为了取得最佳的 ProductBoost 效果,您需要选择合适的产品。wish商户平台建议选择具有巨大销售潜力的优质产品。这包括:

  • 畅销产品

  • 新产品或业绩平平的产品:ProductBoost 可以大大提高产品曝光量和销量

  • 其他平台上的畅销产品

  • 需求量大的热门季节性产品

  • wish平台上没有的产品,让 Wish 用户觉得“新鲜”的产品

  • 想要进行促销或正在打折的产品

  • 您专营且具有竞争优势的产品(即出色的领域知识、优惠的价格和更好的质量)


  • 研究 Wish 平台上类似的产品或品类,研究如何提升销量业绩

  • 采用良好、合理的定价策略,保持在平台上的竞争优势


2. Product Choices

To achieve the best outcome in ProductBoost, pick the right products. We suggest good quality products with a lot of sales potential. This includes:

  • Best sellers

  • New listings or moderate performers: ProductBoost can provide a great lift in exposures and sales

  • Products that see success on other platforms

  • Trending, in-season products with a lot of demand

  • Products that our platform does not have, products that are “fresh” to Wish users

  • Products that you would like to run promotional sales or that are on sale

  • Products that you specialize in and have a competitive edge (i.e., good domain knowledge, better price and quality)

 Other tips to consider:

  • Study similar products or similar product categories on Wish for a sense of how to increase sales performance

  • Adopt good and reasonable pricing strategies to maintain your competitive advantage on the platform