1、如何判断我看到的产品是不是 ProductBoost 产品?

ProductBoost 产品带有“ad”(广告)字样。


可以,您可以在创建活动时设置预算。活动花费永远不会超过您的预算。参加 ProductBoost 是免费的,您只需为实际获得的曝光量付费。要在 ProductBoost 上投入多少钱由您自己决定。



- 延长活动结束日期。

- 更改与活动中的产品相关的可选关键词。

- 增加预算。



预设推广活动结束后,您可前往“ProductBoost”>“所有活动列表”,然后点击已完成的推广活动 ID,以查看相应的活动页面。该活动页面将显示相应活动在运行期间的产品曝光量、销量和 GMV。



  • 发送电子邮件至 productboost@wish.com。

  • 绑定我们的微信公众号,给wish商户平台发微信。

  • 联系您的客户经理(如有)。

想了解更多?访问wish商户平台的 ProductBoost 最佳实践,了解优化活动的更多技巧。

有关如何支付 ProductBoost 费用的更多详情,请参阅与付款相关的常见问题解答。


How do I tell when a product that I’m looking at is a ProductBoost product?

ProductBoost products are designated by the word “ad” on the impression.

Can I set a budget for my campaign?

Yes, you can set a budget when you create your campaign. The campaign spending is never greater than your budget. It's free to join ProductBoost and you only have to pay for impressions delivered. You determine how much you spend on ProductBoost.

Can I make changes to my products during the campaign?

Once a campaign starts running, you can make the following changes including:

- Extend campaign end date.

- Change the optional keywords associated with the product in the campaign.

- Increase budget.

All other attributes of the campaign cannot be changed once the campaign is scheduled to start, or already started.

How do I track the product performance from the campaigns?

After the scheduled campaign ends, select "List Campaigns" from the ProductBoost tab. Then, click on the completed campaign ID to be redirected to the specific campaign page. There, you'll see product impressions, sales, and GMV during the campaign.

How can I get support if I have other questions/issues/feedback?

You can contact us through one of the following:

  • Email us at productboost@wish.com.

  • Send us a WeChat message after binding your WeChat account with us.

  • Contact your account manager if applicable.

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For more details on paying for ProductBoost, please refer to our payment FAQs.