商户可在在商户平台的“ProductBoost > 产品推广活动业绩”页面中查看ProductBoost活动所推广的产品的业绩详情,这将有助于您更好地评估每个产品在不同推广活动中的表现。您可利用此数据信息来对ProductBoost活动做出更好的决策,从而取得更大的成功。

请前往商户平台的“ProductBoost > 产品推广活动业绩”页面,查看每个产品在不同ProductBoost活动中的业绩分析。

在此“产品推广活动业绩”页面中,您可查看ProductBoost产品的如下信息:全部销售额,全部GMV,全部话费,全部话费 / 成交总额百分比,产品参与其中的推广活动数量,参与推广活动的天数。







How to Navigate the ProductBoost Product Campaign Performance Page?

Merchants have the ability to view more in-depth insights regarding the products that you have promoted in ProductBoost campaigns on the Product Campaign Performance page within the ProductBoost section of their Merchant Dashboard. These insights and analytics will help to better assess each Product ID’s performance over the course of various ProductBoost campaigns. Take advantage of the metrics on this page to make better educated decisions on how to continue growing your ProductBoost campaigns.

To view ProductBoost performance insights on individual products across different campaigns, on the Merchant Dashboard navigate to ProductBoost > Product Campaign Performance. 

On this Product Campaign Performance page you can view the following information regarding your ProductBoost Product IDs: Lifetime Sales, Lifetime GMV, Lifetime Spend, Lifetime Spend divided by GMV, Number of Campaigns the Product Promoted in, and Number of Active Days in Campaign.

Please note, Lifetime is defined as the Product ID’s time in active ProductBoost campaigns. 

You can also select the dropdown to the left of each Product ID to view further insights on each individual product throughout the various ProductBoost campaigns in which it has been promoted. The graph visually displays trends to better assess each product’s performance over the course of ProductBoost campaigns. Above the graph, you can view the impressions, orders and GMV for each Product ID across a specified period of time. 

For each product, you can change the time period displayed in the graph via the dropdown on the upper left corner of the graph. You may select the following: Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months, or Last Year.

Additionally, if one product has been promoted in multiple non-concurrent ProductBoost campaigns, the graph will display statistics only across the dates each of these campaigns was active.  

You can also view the daily insights for each product in the graph. If you hover over the lines on the graph along the date you are interested in, the popup will display the keywords associated, the daily impressions, daily orders and daily GMV.