我想参加 ProductBoost 退款保障项目,应该如何报名?

目前,ProductBoost 退款保障项目仅对部分商户开放,被选中的商户将自动参加此项目。如果您有意参加此项目但目前没有被选中,请联系您的客户经理了解详情。

如何通过 ProductBoost 退款保障项目获得更多 ProductBoost 抵用金?

正如前文所述,您为参加 A+ 物流计划的产品投入的 ProductBoost 花费越多,获得的 ProductBoost 抵用金就越多(如果该产品的月订单退款率高于 5%)。

因此,wish商户平台强烈建议您为参加 A+ 物流计划的产品创建 ProductBoost 活动和/或增加 ProductBoost 花费,以充分利用此项目带来的保障。

哪些产品有资格参加 ProductBoost 退款保障项目?

参加 A+ 物流计划和 ProductBoost 活动的产品若能按照商户政策5.11的规定按时运送至相应的 A+ 物流计划仓库,就有资格参加此项目。

ProductBoost 的“退款保障”页面显示了目前有资格参加此项目的所有产品及其相关指标,例如 A+ 物流计划 GMV、订单退款、退款率、ProductBoost 花费、收到的 ProductBoost 抵用金等:

参加了 A+ 物流计划但尚无资格参加 ProductBoost 退款保障项目的产品列在“其他产品”标签页上:

您可以查看这些产品当前是否参加了 A+ 物流计划(即,没有被移出该计划),如果确实参加了 A+ 物流计划,则可以直接在此页面上为这些产品创建 ProductBoost 活动,以参与 ProductBoost 退款保障项目。


If I’m interested in participating in ProductBoost Refund Assurance, how do I enroll?

Currently, ProductBoost Refund Assurance is only available to selected merchants who automatically gain access to this program. If you are interested in ProductBoost Refund Assurance and currently do not have access to it, please contact your Account Manager to learn more.

How can I receive more ProductBoost Credit through ProductBoost Refund Assurance?

As illustrated above, the more you spend on ProductBoost for products included in the Advanced Logistics Program, the more ProductBoost Credit you will receive (if the monthly refund rate for relevant orders is above 5%).

So we strongly encourage you to create ProductBoost campaigns and/or increase ProductBoost spend for products included in the Advanced Logistics Program to take advantage of ProductBoost Refund Assurance.

What products are eligible for ProductBoost Refund Assurance?

Products included in the Advanced Logistics Program and a ProductBoost campaign are eligible, as long as merchants deliver the corresponding orders to the correct Advanced Logistics Program warehouses on time, according to Merchant Policy 5.11.

The ProductBoost Refund Assurance page provides you with a list of all currently eligible products and their relevant metrics such as Advanced Logistics Program GMV, order refund, refund rate, ProductBoost spend, and ProductBoost Credit received, etc.:

Products included in the Advanced Logistics Program that are not yet eligible for ProductBoost Refund Assurance are listed in the “Other Products” tab:

You may verify if these products are currently included in the Advanced Logistics Program (i.e., have not been removed from the program), and if so, create ProductBoost campaigns for these products directly on this page to begin taking advantage of ProductBoost Refund Assurance.