1. 前往订单 > 历史记录页面,然后在“查看产品 (SKU)”列找到绿色图标:

也可以前往订单 > 历史记录页面,然后点击“付款状态”列下面的链接。在随后出现的弹窗中,将鼠标悬停在“获得付款资格日期”旁的问号上,可以看到更多详细信息:


2. 前往账户 > 付款历史记录页面,点击付款 ID 下方的链接即可跳转至相应付款的“付款详情”页面。在该页面的“已付款的订单”部分,“订单 ID”列下方也会显示同样的绿色图标:


Merchants are able to view which Advanced Logistics Program orders are eligible for payment faster via the following pathways on their Merchant Dashboard:

1. Navigate to the Orders > History page, and look for a green icon under the ‘View Product (SKU)’ column:

Or you can click the link under the ‘Payment Status’ column on the Orders > History page. In the popup modal that follows, hover over the ‘Eligible For Payment Date’ tooltip for more detailed information:


2. Navigate to the Account > Payment History page, and click on a link under Payment ID to go to the corresponding payment’s Payment Details page. In the “Paid Transactions” section of the Payment Details page, the same green icon will be located in the ‘Order ID’ column: