正如前文所述,配送合并计划会应用在产品级别的配送设置。合并计划上线后,对于满足某些条件(包括产品重量、产品价值/价格、当前已加入 A+ 物流计划、当前已启用上述至少一个国家/地区的配送等)的产品,Wish 将为商户显示一个新的“编辑国际配送选项”页面。

具体来说,在商户平台上,前往产品 > 查看所有产品,找到相关产品,然后点击“国家/地区运费”列的数字链接,转到对应的“编辑国际配送选项”页面:



Product-level shipping setting

As mentioned above, the shipping unification initiative applies to shipping settings on a product level. Upon launch, for eligible products that meet certain criteria (including product weight, product price/value, product currently included in the Advanced Logistics Program, products shipping to at least one of the countries listed above, etc.), Wish will present merchants with a new page design for the “Edit International Shipping Options” page.

Specifically, navigate to Products > View All Products on the Merchant Dashboard, locate a relevant product and click the link number the “Country Shipping Price” column to be directed to the corresponding “Edit International Shipping Options” page:

In the “Shipping Unification Initiative” section of this page, merchants may read about a brief overview of the initiative, view/edit the First-Mile Shipping Price (along with its effective date) shown on this page, view a list of countries included in the unification initiative, and choose to enable or disable shipping to all these countries for this product.