wish商户平台如何通过 CSV 文件查看和编辑首程运费?

请注意,商户还可以通过下载和上传 CSV 文件同时查看和编辑多个产品的“首程运费”。如需了解更多信息,可从商户平台上访问产品 > 编辑现有产品的运费 > 产品 CSV 文件。商户会发现该页面增加了一个可选的属性名称“Localized First-Mile Shipping Price”(本地货币首程运费),商户可使用该属性更新“首程运费”(需在 CSV 文件中为合并计划涵盖的所有国家/地区指定“enabled”)。通过上传 CSV 文件,商户还可以禁用某个产品的“首程运费”,以及禁用对合并计划涵盖的所有国家/地区的配送。

有关如何在 CSV 文件中使用这个新添加的列的更多信息,请点击该属性并查看弹窗信息:


正如前文所述,商户可以选择禁用某个产品对合并计划涵盖的所有国家/地区的配送。Wish 计算的初始首程运费首次显示后,商户可以在7个自然日内做出决定,只需将“配送至合并计划涵盖的所有国家/地区”选项切换为“启用”或“禁用”即可。

如果切换为“禁用”,此产品将不会再收到这些国家/地区(包括支持 A+ 物流计划的高 GMV 国家/地区)的标准直发订单*。商户将无法再利用 Wish 专属的物流服务以低价且高效的方式将产品配送至这些国家/地区。请注意,商户无法为产品只启用其中的一个或部分国家/地区。

* 请注意,禁用上述所有国家/地区后,wish商户仍可以收到 Wish Express、FBW 和 FBS 订单。


View and edit First-Mile Shipping Price via CSV

Please note that merchants may also view and edit the First-Mile Shipping Price for multiple products simultaneously via CSV download and upload. For more information, merchants may navigate to Products > Edit Shipping Prices for Existing Products on their Merchant Dashboard. Here, merchants will notice that an optional attribute name “Localized First-Mile Shipping Price” has been added, allowing merchants to update First-Mile Shipping Price (merchants need to specify “enabled” in the CSV file for all countries included in the unification initiative). Via CSV upload, merchants may also disable both the First-Mile Shipping Price and shipping to all countries included in the unification initiative for a product.

To learn more about how to use this additional column in the CSV file, click on the attribute and view the popup modal:

Disabling shipping to all countries included in the unification initiative

As mentioned above, merchants may choose to disable shipping to all countries included in the unification initiative altogether for a product. After first being presented with the initial Wish-calculated First-Mile Shipping Price, merchants have 7 calendar days to make this decision by toggling the “Ship to all countries included in the unification initiative” field to “On” or “Off”.

By toggling to “Off” here, merchants will no longer receive standard drop-ship orders* from any of these countries for this product, including high-GMV countries supported by the Advanced Logistics Program. Merchants will no longer be able to leverage Wish’s unique logistics setup that helps them ship to these countries speedily and at a competitive price. Note that merchants cannot attempt to enable just one or several of these countries for this product.

* Note that merchants will continue to receive Wish Express, FBW, and FBS orders after disabling all countries listed above together.