对于未被商户或 Wish 从 A+ 物流计划移除的产品,wish商户仍可以在合并计划上线后出于合理原因从将某些美国路向或芬兰路向的订单移除 A+ 物流计划(有关将订单从 A+ 物流计划移除的更多详情和要求,请查看其他文章)。但是,请记住以下细节:

与往常一样,从 A+ 物流计划移除订单后,商户必须将订单直发给用户,系统会在成功移除订单后显示用户的配送地址。

订单被移除后,仍会显示“合并计划”标记(即,该订单的目的地仍是 Wish 合并计划涵盖的目的国/地区),因此在订单履行后,商户仍将收到首程运费成本以及预估的 WishPost 运费(即,订单未被移除时商户本需支付的运费)。因此,即使商户没有使用 WishPost 来配送订单(例如,商户从海外仓库发货,而不是从中国大陆发货),预估的 WishPost 运费金额仍将适用。


For relevant Advanced Logistics Programs orders removed from the program

For a product that is not removed from the Advanced Logistics Program by merchants or Wish, merchants may still be able to remove certain United States-bound and Finland-bound orders from the program for qualified reasons after the unification initiative is launched (please see more details and requirements around order removal from the Advanced Logistics Program here). However, please keep in mind the following details:

As usual, after removing this order from the Advanced Logistics Program, merchants must drop ship it directly to the customer, whose shipping address will be displayed after this order is removed successfully.

Since this order is still marked with the “Unification Initiative” flag (i.e. bound for a destination country included in Wish’s unification initiative), after the order is fulfilled, merchants will still receive payments for First-Mile Shipping Cost and an estimated WishPost Shipping amount that merchants would have paid if the order were not removed from the Advanced Logistics Program. As such, this estimated WishPost Shipping amount will still apply even if you will not be using WishPost to ship this order (for example, you are shipping this order from an overseas warehouse instead of from Mainland China).