Fulfillment By Wish (FBW) 是 Wish 推出的一个物流项目,可帮助商户将订单配送至北美和欧洲地区的主要用户市场。

本文专门解答有关 FBW US 项目的一些常见问题。

如需了解有关 FBW 项目的更多信息,包括该项目的优势、流程和具体操作,请参阅 Fulfillment By Wish (FBW) 概述。

FBW US 和联运项目推出一项限时优惠活动,从北京时间2021年8月18日凌晨0时到北京时间11月17日晚11时59分,通过联运项目将库存运送到 FBW-US-PLG 仓库的商户可免物流费。具体详情可点击文末链接。

有哪些 FBW US 仓库可供使用?

目前,Wish 在美国有以下 FBW 仓库可供商户使用:

  • FBW-US-PLG 仓库:位于美国俄亥俄

请注意,目前 FBW-US-PLG 仓库仅支持配送到美国,以后可能会增加支持的目的国/地区。如有相关更新,wish商户平台将及时通知商户。商户可在商户平台的 FBW > 基本费用和付款信息页面上查看各目的国/地区的运费。

登录商户平台后,前往 FBW > 创建配送计划页面,该页面会直接显示您的账户当前可以使用的仓库。



Fulfillment By Wish (FBW) is a logistics program offered by Wish to merchants who ship orders to major customer markets in North America and Europe.

This article helps address some of the commonly asked questions about the FBW US program particularly.

To learn more about the FBW program in general, including its benefits, processes, and operations, please visit the Fulfillment By Wish (FBW) overview article.

From August 18, 2021, 12:00AM Beijing Time to November 17, 2021 11:59PM Beijing Time, FBW US and the Uni-Freight Program will launch a limited-time promotion to waive the logistics fees for merchants delivering inventory to FBW-US-PLG via the Uni-Freight Program. Please see more details at the end of this article.

1. What are the FBW US warehouses available to me?

Currently, Wish provides access to the following FBW warehouse located in the United States:

  • FBW-US-PLG warehouse: located in Ohio, the United States

Note that currently the FBW-US-PLG warehouse only supports delivery to the United States, but we may expand the supported destination regions and will promptly notify merchants of any updates. Merchants are able to view the shipping fees for each destination country on Merchant Dashboard FBW > General Fee and Payment Information page.

After signing into your Merchant Dashboard and navigating to FBW > Create a Shipping Plan page, the page itself will directly surface to you the exact warehouse(s) your account currently has access to.