1. wish平台FBS项目有专门的 API 端口可供商户使用吗?

有。为帮助商户更轻松地通过 API 探索 FBS 项目,以下两个 API 端口可供商户使用:

  • /api/v3/fbs/recommendations:此 API 端口返回 Wish 推荐的可加入 FBS 的产品清单。

  • /api/v3/fbs/variations/{id}:此 API 端口返回特定 FBS 产品变体的待处理和已在店铺上架的数量。

您可以访问此 API 文档,了解更多有关这些 API 的信息。2. FBS 的费用是多少?

如需了解更多有关 FBS 收费标准的信息,请在商户平台上前往 FBS > 基本费用和付款信息页面,并参阅此文。

3. 如何查看 FBS 产品的业绩数据?

如需查看 FBS 产品的详细业绩数据,您可以访问商户平台的 FBS > 概览页面。如需了解如何浏览此页面,请参阅此文。


5. Are there any FBS-specific APIs available to merchants?

Yes. To help merchants more easily navigate FBS via API, the following two API endpoints are available to merchants: 

  • /api/v3/fbs/recommendations: this API retrieves a list of Wish-recommended products for FBS. 

  • /api/v3/fbs/variations/{id}: this API returns a specific FBS product variation’s pending and active quantity in store.

Merchants may learn more about these APIs by visiting this API Documentation.

6. How much does FBS cost?

Merchants may learn more about the current fee structure of FBS by visiting the FBS > General Fee and Payment Information page on Merchant Dashboard and by reading this article.

7. How do I view FBS products’ performance insights?

To access detailed performance data of your FBS products, merchants can visit the FBS > Overview page on their Merchant Dashboard. To learn more about how to navigate this page, please visit this article.