wish商户可以在商户平台上前往 FBS > 基本费用和付款信息页面,了解关于 FBS 项目收费标准的更多信息。

具体而言,商户可以查看将库存运送至北美州和欧洲的 FBW 仓库,以供这些地区的用户取货的 FBS 收费标准。

例如,FBS 收费标准 — 北美洲页面显示了不同类型的费用。请注意,部分费用与FBW 有关,因为目前 FBS 的某些功能依赖于现有的 FBW 设施(例如初始处理和仓库运营)。因此,FBW 入库费和 FBW 存储费等费用也适用于 FBS:

FBS 服务费是 FBS 特有的费用,指从 FBW 仓库运至自提店铺的物流费用。系统会根据库存的最终目的地(美国、墨西哥、加拿大)收取不同费用。

目前,商户可享受 FBS 服务费八折的限时优惠:


FBS 收费标准 — 欧洲页面显示的信息与北美洲页面类似。但目前只有运往北美仓库的 FBS 库存才可以享受 FBS 服务费八折优惠。


How much does FBS cost?

Merchants may learn more about the fee structure for the FBS program by visiting the Merchant Dashboard FBS > General Fee and Payment Information page.

Specifically, merchants may view the FBS fee structure for shipping inventory to FBW warehouses in North America and Europe for customer pickup purchases in these regions.

As an example, on the FBS Fee Structure - North America page, different types of fees are presented. Note that some fees are relevant to FBW, because currently, certain functionalities of FBS rely on existing FBW infrastructure (such as initial processing and warehouse operations). Therefore, fees like FBW inbound fees and FBW storage fees apply to FBS as well:

Specific to FBS is the FBS Service Fee, which covers logistics between FBW warehouses and pickup stores. The fee is charged differently depending on the final destination of the inventory (U.S., Mexico, Canada).

Currently, merchants enjoy a limited-time 20% off discount on the FBS Service Fee:

Lastly, merchants may see information on the miscellaneous fees such as inventory disposal or retrieval fees:

The FBS Fee Structure - Europe page presents similar information to merchants. Although currently, merchants only receive the 20% off discount on FBS Service Fee for FBS inventory bound for North American warehouses.