Amazon Handmade: 销售佣金

Amazon Handmade 手工艺人需要为售出的每件商品支付销售佣金。销售佣金可能是基于统一百分比费率计算得出的费用或每件商品最低费用,将取二者中的较高者,并不会同时收取。



Amazon Handmade 分类亚马逊将扣除基于适用百分比计算得出的销售佣金或适用的每件商品最低销售佣金(取二者中的较高者)。
Amazon Handmade: 配件15%$1.00
Amazon Handmade: 服装15%$1.00
Amazon Handmade: 母婴15%$1.00
Amazon Handmade: 美妆和个护健康15%$1.00
Amazon Handmade: 家居²15%$1.00
Amazon Handmade: 珠宝首饰15%$1.00
Amazon Handmade: 宠物用品15%$1.00
Amazon Handmade: 鞋靴15%$1.00
Amazon Handmade: 运动15%$1.00
Amazon Handmade: 玩具和游戏15%$1.00


²“家居”包括以下子分类: 厨具和餐具、庭院、草坪和园艺、艺术品、卫浴、床上用品、家具、家居装饰、灯具、仓储和收纳、派对用品和文具。

注意: 如需了解与 Amazon Handmade 手工艺人可享受的亚马逊专业销售费用豁免优惠相关的信息,请参阅欢迎使用 Amazon Handmade。


Amazon Handmade: Referral Fees

Handmade Makers pay a referral fee on each product sold. The referral fee may be a flat percentage rate or a per-item minimum fee, whichever is greater. They do not pay both.

The flat percentage fee is based on the total amount paid by the buyer including the item price and any shipping or gift wrap charges, but excluding any taxes collected through Amazon tax calculation services.

Referral fees¹

Handmade CategoriesAmazon deducts the greater of the applicable referral fee percentage or applicable per-item minimum referral fee.
Referral Fee PercentagesApplicable Minimum Referral Fee (applied on a per-item basis unless otherwise noted)
Handmade: Accessories15%$1.00
Handmade: Apparel15%$1.00
Handmade: Baby15%$1.00
Handmade: Beauty and Personal Care15%$1.00
Handmade: Home²15%$1.00
Handmade: Jewelry15%$1.00
Handmade: Pet Supplies15%$1.00
Handmade: Shoes15%$1.00
Handmade: Sports15%$1.00
Handmade: Toys & Games15%$1.00

¹Sellers pay a referral fee on each product sold.

²Home includes the following: Kitchen and Dining, Patio, Lawn & Garden, Art, Bath, Bedding, Furniture, Home Décor, Lighting, Storage and Organization, Party Supplies, and Stationery.

Note: For information related to the Amazon Professional Selling Fee waiver benefit for Handmade Makers, see Welcome to Handmade.