Send to Amazon: 选择要发送的库存

由于您已创建装箱模板,您可以继续执行“使用 Send to Amazon 创建货件”中的第 1 步选择要发送的库存。

  • 第 1 步 - 选择要发送的库存

  • 第 2 步 - 确认发货

  • 第 3 步 - 打印箱子标签

  • 第 4 步 - 确认承运人和托拍信息(仅针对托拍货件)


  1. 选择您的【发货地址】。这是您库存的发货地址。默认情况下,此字段将显示您上次使用的发货地址。

  2. 选择【目标商城】。这是库存将发往的亚马逊商城

  3. 选择一个 SKU,然后选择一个现有的装箱模板,输入【要发送的箱子数量】,并点击【确认】。如果您的商品需要提供有效期/保质期,系统将提示您输入此日期。

  4. 添加要发送的所有库存并验证预处理费用和贴标费用(如果适用)后,请点击【确认并继续】。

注意: 请务必选择与您要发送的库存相匹配的装箱模板。在工作流程的第 2 步中确认发货之前,您可以更改 SKU 或数量。在工作流程的这一阶段,您选择的库存将具有一个关联的 Send to Amazon 工作流程编号。确认发货后,系统会分配货件编号和货件追踪编号。



“所有亚马逊物流 SKU”和“准备发送的 SKU”选项卡是什么?

【所有亚马逊物流 SKU】 显示了您所选目标商城的所有已转换为亚马逊配送的 SKU。【准备发送的 SKU】 可让您仅查看您选择发送至运营中心的 SKU。


这是您库存的发货地址。默认情况下,此字段将显示您上次使用的发货地址。在工作流程的第 2 步中确认发货之前,您可以更改此地址。

重要: 亚马逊要求提供准确的发货地址,以确保正确放置您的库存以及准确设置运费

如果我除了要运送几个整箱商品之外,还需要运送一个非整箱单 SKU 商品,该怎么办?

目前,对于您在 Send to Amazon 中创建的每个货件,每个 SKU 只能使用一个装箱模板。我们正在努力让货件能够支持每个 SKU 使用多个装箱配置。


Send to Amazon: Choose inventory to send

Now that you have created packing templates, you can proceed to step 1 in creating a shipment with Send to Amazon, Choose inventory to send.

  • Step 1 – Choose inventory to send

  • Step 2 – Confirm shipping

  • Step 3 – Print box labels

  • Step 4 – Confirm carrier and pallet information (for pallet shipments only)

To choose inventory to send, follow these steps:

  1. Select your Ship from address. This is the address from which you’ll send your inventory. By default, this will show the last address from which you shipped.

  2. Select the Marketplace destination. This is the Amazon marketplace where your inventory will be sent

  3. Select a SKU, choose an existing packing template, enter the Number of boxes to send, and click Confirm. If an expiration date is required for your product, you will be prompted to enter it.

  4. After adding all the inventory you want to send and verifying the prep and labeling fees (if applicable), click Confirm and continue.

Note: Make sure to select the packing template that matches the inventory you’re sending. You can change SKUs or quantities until you confirm shipping in step 2 of the workflow. At this stage in the workflow, your inventory selection will have an associated Send to Amazon workflow ID. Once you confirm shipping, shipment IDs and Amazon reference numbers are assigned.

To learn how to change or cancel your shipment, visit Change or cancel a shipment.

Frequently asked questions

What are the “All FBA SKUs” and “SKUs ready to send” tabs?

All FBA SKUs displays all of your SKUs that have been converted to Fulfilled by Amazon for the marketplace destination you selected. SKUs ready to send lets you review just the SKUs you’ve selected to send to a fulfillment center

What is "Ship from"?

This is the address from which your inventory is shipped. By default, this will show the last address you shipped from. You can change this address until you confirm shipping in step 2 of the workflow.

Important: Amazon requires an accurate ship-from address to ensure proper placement of your inventory and the accuracy of shipping charges.

What if I have a partial single-SKU box in addition to a few full boxes to ship?

Currently, for each shipment you create in Send to Amazon, you can use only use one packing template per SKU. We are working to enable shipments with more than one packing configuration per SKU.