Amazon Handmade: 编辑商品信息



  1. 转到【库存】选项卡,然后点击管理库存。

  2. 找到您要编辑的商品。

  3. 您可以进行快速更改,例如直接更改【可售】列中的库存水平(适用于卖家自行配送的商品)或【商品价格】。

  4. 要进行其他编辑,请点击【编辑】按钮(默认位于最右侧)。这将显示您商品的详情页面。在此页面,您可以选择以下选项卡之一:


  1. 在卖家平台中,下载库存模板。

  2. 模板生成后,输入相关 SKU 和您想要编辑的值。

  3. 在“update_delete”属性下,根据您的意图选择要使用的选项:

    • 删除:移除商品

    • 部分更新:所有指定的信息将覆盖现有信息,但未指定信息(例如空白属性字段)不受影响。

    • 更新(完整):此选项覆盖所有现有商品属性,空白属性单元格会被擦除。

  4. 在【检查和上传您的库存文件】选项卡中保存并上传编辑后的文件。


  1. 将鼠标悬停在“库存”上,然后点击“库存报告”。

  2. 选择您想要下载的报告类型,建议选择“所有商品报告”(当您在下拉菜单中选择报告时,系统会显示各个报告的更多信息)。

注意: 这将下载 .txt(记事本)文件。复制此文件中的信息并将其粘贴到 Excel 工作表中,以便更轻松地访问属性。


Amazon Handmade: Edit Product Listings

You can modify details in your product listings, including – General information, Images, Additional Information, and Customization, either one at a time using the Manage Inventory tool in your seller account, or through an inventory file upload.

To edit product details or listing information one at a time, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Inventory tab and click Manage Inventory.

  2. Find the listing you want to edit.

  3. You can make quick changes such as inventory levels in the Available column (for Fulfilled by Merchant items) or Price directly.

  4. For other edits, click Edit button (located by default on the far right). This will display the detail page for your product. From here, you can select one of the following tabs:

To change more than one product at a time through an inventory file upload, follow these steps:

  1. In Seller Central, download an Inventory Template.

  2. Once the template is generated, enter the relevant SKUs and the values you want to edit.

  3. Under the “update_delete” attribute, select the option you wish to use based on your intentions:

    • Delete: removes product(s)

    • PartialUpdate: all specified information overwrites any existing information but unspecified info (i.e. blank attribute fields) is unaffected.

    • Update (full): this option overwrites all existing product attributes, blank attribute cells are erased.

  4. Save and upload the file with the edits in the Check and Upload your Inventory File tab.

If you want to use already-existing information and copy and paste it to the Inventory Template for quick changes, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over Inventory and click on “Inventory Reports”.

  2. Select the type of Report you want to download, All Listings Report is recommended (more information about each one will be displayed when you select it on the dropdown menu).

Note: This downloads a .txt (Notepad) file. Copy the information from this file and paste it to an Excel sheet for easier access to the attributes.