Shopify 套餐

Shopify 套餐包含 Basic Shopify 套餐的所有功能,并且带有内置的专业报告,使您能够更加深入地了解自己的销售趋势。此类信息可以让您更好地了解客户在浏览商店时的行为,从而了解他们与产品的交互方式。



专业报告可以在 Shopify 后台中为您提供有价值的销售信息。

您可以使用 Shopify 的专业报告查看特定商品的销售情况,以此根据客户购买趋势来整理在线商店。您还可以根据一年之中的时间来跟踪产品销售情况,从而计划和准备营销活动。您甚至可以运行报告来查看征收的销售税额,从而提高税务申报流程的效率。


  • 按时间段显示客户

  • 新客户与回头客销售额

  • 按国家/地区显示客户

  • 回头客

  • 一次性客户。

Advanced Shopify 套餐

Advanced Shopify 套餐包含 Shopify 套餐的所有功能,并提供最低的信用卡手续费和交易费。对于希望适应业务增长并利用分析来寻找机会推动业务发展的商家来说,这非常有用。


除了 Shopify 的专业报告外,Advanced Shopify 套餐还提供创建自定义报告的功能。


借助高级功能,您可以通过 Google Ads 等推荐来源跟踪销售情况。例如,如果您支付了 Google Ads 或其他推荐服务的费用,则可以创建一个根据推荐服务跟踪产品销售情况的报告。这可以帮助您分析和完善您的营销策略


除了 Shopify 套餐中包含的客户报告外,Advanced Shopify 套餐还提供访问有关存在风险的客户和忠实客户的报告的功能。




如果您是位于美国的商家,那么您可以将此功能与 Shopify Shipping 结合使用,以获得 USPS 的折扣率。


The Shopify plan

The Shopify plan contains all the features of the Basic Shopify plan and gives you greater insight into your sales trends with built-in professional reports. This kind of information can give you a better understanding of your customers' behavior when they look through your store to learn how they interact with your products.

If your sales are increasing, then you can also benefit from the lower credit card rates and transaction fees offered on this plan.

1.Professional reports

Professional reports provide you with valuable sales information in your Shopify admin.

You can use Shopify’s professional reports to look at sales of specific items to organize your online store based on customer buying trends. You can also track product sales based on the time of year to plan and prepare for marketing campaigns. You can even run reports to see how much sales tax is collected to make your tax filing process more efficient.

You can use customer reports to gather valuable data on how your customers are using your store, or purchasing your products:

  • customers over time

  • first-time vs returning customer sales

  • customers by country

  • returning customers

  • one-time customers.

The Advanced Shopify plan

The Advanced Shopify plan contains all the features of the Shopify plan and has the lowest credit card rates and transaction fees. It is great for merchants who want to accommodate the growth of their business and use analytics to look for opportunities to move it forward.

1.Custom report builder

Along with Shopify’s professional reports, the Advanced Shopify plan lets you create custom reports.

You can customize default reports and create unique reports from scratch.

The advanced features let you track sales by referral sources such as Google Ads. For example, if you are paying for Google Ads or another referral service, then you can create a report that tracks the sales of your products based on the referral service. This can help you to analyze and refine your marketing strategy.

2.Advanced customer reporting

Along with the Customer reports that are included with the Shopify plan, with the Advanced Shopify plan you can access reports on your at-risk and loyal customers.

3.Calculated carrier shipping

Calculated shipping lets you integrate with a third-party shipping service to provide your customers with up-to-date shipping rates at the time that they place an order in your store. Your customers can also choose from various shipping options: standard, express, and one-day.

You can build more trust with your customers by providing them with accurate shipping rates as soon as they place an order without having to worry about overcharging them or having to cover losses that result from giving estimated or rounded shipping rates.

If you are a merchant in the US, then you can combine this feature with Shopify Shipping to get discounted rates with USPS.