发件人邮箱是您面向客户的电子邮件地址。当您的客户收到自动通知电子邮件、订单确认电子邮件以及从 Shopify 发送的任何营销电子邮件时,此电子邮件地址会显示在发件人字段中。某些域名可能需要进行其他身份验证,否则您的发件人电子邮件地址可能会显示为 via 或。

如果您的发件人电子邮件地址受 DMARC 保护,则在收件箱中,您的电子邮件地址可能会显示为 或。客户的回复将转发到您选择的发件人电子邮件地址。


  1. 在 Shopify 后台中,转到设置。

  2. 点击商店详细信息。

  3. 在商店联系信息部分,更改发件人邮箱下的邮箱。

  4. 单击保存。


  1. 在 Shopify 应用中,转到商店 > 设置。

  2. 在商店设置下,点击商店详细信息。

  3. 点击商店详细信息。

  4. 在商店联系信息部分,更改发件人邮箱下的邮箱。

  5. 单击保存。


使用第三方域名时,您需要验证您的发件人邮箱,以确保您的电子邮件消息送达您的客户。若要验证您的发件人邮箱,请向第三方域名设置添加 Shopify SPF 和 DKIM 记录。添加 Shopify SPF 和 DKIM 记录可以防止您的电子邮件被标记为垃圾邮件或无法送达。

DKIM 是一种身份验证方法,邮件服务器使用该方法验证消息在发送后未发生更改。

SPF 是一种身份验证方法,可验证电子邮件是否来自其声称来自的域名。


Change your sender email address

The sender email is your customer-facing email address. This is the email address that is displayed in the From field when your customers receive automatic notification emails, order confirmation emails, and any marketing emails sent from Shopify. Some domains might require additional authentication, otherwise your sender email address might appear with via, or as

If your sender email address is DMARC protected, then your email address might appear in inboxes as or Replies from your customers will be forwarded to your chosen sender email address.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings.

  2. Click Store details.

  3. In the Store contact information section, change your email address under Sender email.

  4. Click Save.


  1. From the Shopify app, go to Store > Settings.

  2. Under Store settings, tap Store details.

  3. Click Store details.

  4. In the Store contact information section, change your email address under Sender email.

  5. Click Save.

Ensuring that your email message is delivered to your customer

When you use a third-party domain, you need to verify your sender email address to ensure that your email message is delivered to your customers. To verify your sender email address, add the Shopify SPF and DKIM records to your third-party domain settings. Adding the Shopify SPF and DKIM records prevents your email from being flagged as spam, or from failing to be delivered.

DKIM is an authentication method that's used by mail servers to verify that a message was not changed after it was sent.

SPF is an authentication method that validates that an email message comes from the domain that it claims to come from.