Shopify 后台概述(iPhone/Andriod)

根据您使用的设备的不同,您可以在后台执行不同的操作。。如果您从手机登录 Shopify 应用,则可以查看商店最近的活动、更新商店的商品目录并管理订单。

Shopify 主屏幕

登录 Shopify 应用时,您将看到的第一个屏幕是主页屏幕。

Shopify 主页屏幕是一个登录页面,显示关于商店最近的活动、需要对订单采取的后续步骤以及关于如何开展业务的提示的重要信息。





Shopify 主页动态根据您商店最近的活动和您在 Shopify 中执行的操作显示卡片。卡片是定期更改的信息块,可帮助您顺利开展业务。您将收到:

  • 新 Shopify 功能的更新

  • 有关如何充分利用 Shopify 的建议

  • 有关如何拓展业务的推荐阅读。


Shopify admin overview(iPhone/Andriod)

Depending on the device you're using, you can do different things in your admin. If you log in to your Shopify admin from a browser, then you can manage all aspects of your store. If you log in to the Shopify app from your phone, then you can view your store's recent activity, update your store's catalog, and manage your orders.

The Shopify Home screen

The first screen that you see when you log in to the Shopify app is the Home screen.

The Shopify Home screen is a landing page that shows key information about your store’s recent activity, the next steps you need to take with your orders, and tips on how to build your business.

Sales summary

At the top of the Home screen is a graph that shows today's sales. You can swipe the graph left to see the number of visitors that your online store has had today. Use the buttons above the graph to see data from yesterday, the past week, or the past month.

Notifications of next steps

The Home screen shows notifications of which open orders might need your attention. Notifications make it easy to see what next steps you need to take, such as capturing payment, marking an order as fulfilled, or archiving an order that is complete.


Shopify Home Feed displays cards based on your store's recent activity and what you've been doing in Shopify. Cards are blocks of information that change regularly to help you run your business smoothly. You'll receive:

  • updates on new Shopify features

  • advice on how to get the most out of Shopify

  • recommended reading on how to grow your business.