Shopify 后台的生产力工具

您可以使用生产力工具来加速您经常执行的许多 Shopify 后台任务。这些工具可以帮助您建立品牌、管理商店以及跟踪订单和库存。以下是一些可用的工具和快捷键:

  • CSV 文件

使用 CSV 文件从 Shopify 商店导入和导出大量数据。

  • 富文本编辑器


  • 批量操作


  • 文件上传

从 Shopify 后台上传、管理和删除文件。

  • 批量编辑


  • 图片编辑

使用照片编辑器来编辑上传到 Shopify 的图片并调整其大小。

  • 未来发布


  • 键盘快捷键

无需使用鼠标即可浏览 Shopify 后台。

  • 免费工具


  • 标签


  • 时间表


  • 后台搜索

使用后台搜索在 Shopify 中查找特定订单、产品或客户。


Productivity tools for your Shopify admin

You can use productivity tools to speed up many of the Shopify admin tasks that you perform frequently. These tools help you build your brand, manage your store, and keep track of your orders and inventory. Here are some of the tools and shortcuts available:

  • CSV files

Use CSV files to import and export large sets of data to and from your Shopify store.

  • Rich text editor

Use the rich text editor to edit products, collections, pages, store policies, and blog posts.

  • Bulk actions

Fulfill many orders at the same time, delete multiple files to clear space, and more.

  • File uploads

Upload, manage, and delete files from your Shopify admin.

  • Bulk editing

Edit multiple items at once to change price, product title, vendor, or many other properties.

  • Image editing

Use photo editors to edit and resize images that you upload to Shopify.

  • Future publishing

Schedule products, collections, blog posts, and pages to be published at a later date.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

Move through the Shopify admin without using your mouse.

  • Free tools

Use a variety of free tools and templates to help build your brand and run your store better.

  • Tags

Use tags to label products, transfers, customers, orders, draft orders, and blog posts.

  • Timeline

Send messages and leave comments on orders, draft orders, customers, and transfers without leaving the page.

  • Admin search

Use admin search to find specific orders, products, or customers in Shopify.