Shopify后台生产力工具: CSV 文件

使用文本编辑器编辑 CSV 文件

如果您没有电子表格程序,可以使用文本编辑器编辑 CSV 文件。


您应仅在万不得已的情况下才使用文本编辑器。例如,如果 CSV 文件中存在格式错误的情况,并且您无法在电子表格程序中打开它,则可以使用文本编辑器。

大多数计算机具有可以打开 CSV 文件的文本编辑器。您也可以使用 Atom 或 Sublime Text 等程序来编辑和调试 CSV 文件。

备注:采用 UTF-8 编码的 CSV 文件是唯一可导入 Shopify 或从 Shopify 导出的文件。

若要在文本编辑器中设置 CSV 文件的格式,请执行以下操作:

  • 列标题必须以逗号分隔(例如 First Name,Last Name,Email,Company,Address1)。

  • 标签列表必须位于引号中(例如 "tag1,tag2,tag3")。

  • 不同的记录必须用换行符分隔。

进阶: CSV 产品与需要运输的多属性和应纳税的多属性一起导入

如果您需要编辑大量产品的设置,则可能需要进行批量更新。为此,请将需要更新的产品导出为 .csv 文件,然后编辑表格中显示的列:

多属性需要发货如果多属性为有形的商品,则设置为 TRUE。否则,设置为 FALSE 或留空。


如果多属性需要纳税,则设置为 TRUE。否则,设置为 FALSE 或留空。


如果多属性需要发货设为 TRUE,则输入一个非零值。

如果多属性需要发货设置为 FALSE 或留空,则将它留空或设为零。

在完成编辑您的 .csv 文件后,将它导入到您的商店中。请务必选中替换具有相同 handle 的任何现有产品选项。


Use a text editor to edit your CSV file

If you don't have a spreadsheet program, then you can edit CSV files using a text editor.


You should only use a text editor as a last resort. For example, use a text editor if there are formatting errors in your CSV file and you cannot open it in a spreadsheet program.

Most computers have text editors that can open CSV files. You can also use a program like Atom or Sublime Text to edit and debug your CSV file.


A CSV file with UTF-8 encoding is the only file format that can be used to import to or export from Shopify.

To format your CSV file in a text editor:

  • Column headers must be separated by commas (for example, First Name,Last Name,Email,Company,Address1).

  • The list of tags must be wrapped in quotation marks (for example, "tag1,tag2,tag3").

  • Different records must be separated by line breaks.

Advanced: CSV product imports with shipping required and taxable variants

If you need to edit the settings for a large number of products, then you might want to do a bulk update. For this, export the products that need to be updated as a .csv file, then edit the columns shown in the table:

Variant Requires ShippingSet to TRUE if the variant is a tangible item. Otherwise, set to FALSE or leave blank.
Variant TaxableSet to TRUE if the variant is taxable. Otherwise, set to FALSE or leave blank.

Variant Grams

Enter a non-zero value if Variant Requires Shipping is set to TRUE.

Leave blank or set to zero if Variant Requires Shipping is set to FALSE or is blank.

When you've finished editing your .csv file, import it to your store. Be sure to check the option Replace any current products that have the same handle.