如果您想嵌入已创建的视频,需要先将视频上传到视频流网站,例如 YouTube 或 Vimeo。

YouTube 不允许禁用相关视频,但您可以指定相关视频应与刚才播放的视频来自同一频道。


1.复制视频 URL(在 PC 上按 ctrl + C,在 Mac 上按 command + C)。


如果您的模板是 Brooklyn 或 Supply,那么您可以改为从 Youtube 或 Vimeo 复制视频的嵌入代码,然后跳到步骤 7。您的模板会自动使嵌入视频做出响应。

2.访问 Embed Responsively。Embed Responsively 工具可为您提供视频的改进嵌入代码。


当您竖屏观看使用 Embed Responsively 代码嵌入的视频时,某些 iPhone 机型上可能出现播放问题。

3.在 Embed Responsively 上,点击以选择视频所在的视频网站。

4.将您复制的视频 URL 粘贴至 Embed Responsively 上的 Page URL(页面 URL)框中(在 PC 上按 ctrl + V,在 Mac 上按 command + V)。

5.单击嵌入。Embed Responsively 将为您创建嵌入代码。

6.如果视频来自 YouTube 并且您只想显示来自同一 YouTube 频道中的相关视频,请在嵌入代码中找到视频的 URL。将 ?rel=0 复制并粘贴到引号内的末尾:


8.在 Shopify 后台中,点击富文本编辑器中的插入视频按钮:





您可以直接从 YouTube 中生成嵌入代码,但嵌入的视频不会对不同的屏幕大小做出响应。


Insert videos with the rich text editor

You can insert or embed videos in blog posts, pages, product descriptions, and collection descriptions using the rich text editor.

If you want to embed a video that you've created, then you first need to upload it to a video streaming site such as YouTube or Vimeo.

YouTube does not allow you to disable related videos, but you can specify that the related videos should be from the same channel as the video that just played.


1.Copy the video's URL by pressing ctrl + C on a PC or command + C on a Mac.


If your theme is Brooklyn or Supply, then you can instead copy your video's embed code from Youtube or Vimeo and skip to step 7. Your theme automatically makes embedded videos responsive.

2.Visit Embed Responsively. Embed Responsively is a tool that will give you an improved embed code for your video.


You might encounter playback issues on certain iPhone models when vertically viewing videos that were embedded using code from Embed Responsively.

3.On Embed Responsively, click to select the video website where your video is located.

4.Paste the video's URL that you copied into the Page URL box on Embed Responsively by pressing ctrl + V on a PC or command + V on a Mac.

5.Click Embed. Embed Responsively will create the embed code for you.

6.If the video is from YouTube and you want to show only related videos from the same YouTube channel, then find the video's URL in the embed code. Copy and paste ?rel=0 at the end within the quotation marks:

7.Copy all of the code inside the Embed code box.

8.In your Shopify admin, click the Insert video button in the rich text editor:

9.Paste the embed code into the box in the Insert video dialog.

10.Click Insert video.

11.Click Save when you are finished to save your changes to the item you were editing.


You can generate embed code directly from YouTube, but the embedded video won't be as responsive to different screen sizes.