若要允许员工访问以帮助您运营商店,您需要向员工授予 Shopify 后台的特定部分和特定功能的权限。您可以根据员工在商店中的角色为其授予高级别访问权限或限制他们只能访问非常具体的功能。在某些情况下,您需要向员工授予多个权限,以便他们能在 Shopify 后台的特定区域中完成任务。





  • 批准应用费用:使员工能够安装具有相关费用的应用,例如一次性费用或定期订阅。员工需要拥有此权限才能安装那些最初提供免费试用期但之后需要付费订阅的应用。



Description of staff permissions

To allow your staff members access to help you to run your store, you need to give them permissions to specific parts of your Shopify admin and to specific features. You can give staff members a high level of access or limit their access to very specific functions, depending on their role in your store. In some cases, you need to give staff members multiple permissions to complete tasks in a particular area of you Shopify admin.

App and channel access permissions

The staff member can view and access the apps and sales channels that you specify.

Manage and install apps and channels

Enables the staff member to manage apps and channels if their permissions match the permissions that the app or channel requires. The staff member can add, access, or delete apps and channels. If any new apps or channels are installed in the future, then the staff member can access or delete those apps or channels without you updating this permission.

  • Approve app charges: Enables the staff member to install apps that have a cost associated with them, such as a one-time charge or a recurring subscription. A staff member needs to have this permission to be able to install apps that offer a free trial period that then becomes a paid subscription.

Specific apps and sales channelsIf you check specific apps and sales channels, then the staff member can only access those apps and sales channels. They can't install or delete apps. If any new apps are installed in the future, then you need to update this permission to give the staff member access to them.