使用 Exchange 市场购买商店后,您便基本可以开始运营。以下是一些后续步骤以及有关获取支持、拓展业务和推动销售的一些提示。


  • 开始使用

  • 推广您的业务

  • 获取支持



  • 登录您的账户并选择一个套餐。首次以新店主的身份登录时,系统会提示您选择套餐。

  • 设置支付方式并输入您的银行信息以获得付款。

  • 查看您的员工以删除任何不必要的员工。如果卖家向您提供了对此销售的支持,您可能需要暂时保留其员工登录信息。

  • 查看您的商店设置,其中包括您的业务、商店管理和发货设置。

  • 自定义您的在线商店和页面。

  • 更新您的政策。




  • 查看营销报告和 Shopify 中的其他报告,了解您商店的业绩。如果之前已启用 Google Analytics,则同时查看商店的此报告。

  • 进行额外的研究,例如通过 Shopify Email 发送客户调查。这可以帮助您深入了解当前客户群。


  • 在 4 月内将弃购减少 15%。

  • 在下个月前获取 100 个新的电子邮件订阅者。

  • 在 8 个月内将您的平均订单金额增加 20%。

如果您在制定目标时遇到问题,请考虑注册参加 Shopify Compass 的免费课程与Daymond John 一起设定目标。




  • 此商店的品牌故事、使命和愿景是什么?

  • 您能告诉我有关买家的信息吗?

  • 您犯过的最大错误是什么?您从中吸取了什么教训?

  • 您可以向我介绍您的供应商以及任何其他相关联系人吗?

  • 您用于经营商店的工具是什么?您推荐使用哪些应用?

  • 您对拓展和推广业务的方式有何看法?

Shopify 支持

您可以随时联系 Shopify 支持,以获取有关设置或扩展商店的帮助。如果您想获得业务方面的更多支持,请查看其他资源,例如:

  • Shopify 社区

  • Shopify 博客

  • Shopify Learn



Tips for new business owners

After you buy a business using Exchange Marketplace, you're almost ready to go. Here are a few next steps and some tips to get support, grow your business, and make sales.

On this page

  • Getting started

  • Marketing your business

  • Getting support

Getting started

When you buy a business, you can customize it however you want. Review the store and the settings, and make updates wherever needed. Here are some steps you can start with:

  • Log in to your account and choose a plan. The first time you log in as the new business owner, you're prompted to select a plan.

  • Set up payments and enter your banking information to get paid.

  • Review your staff to remove any unnecessary staff. If the seller has offered you support for this sale, then you might want to keep their staff login for now.

  • Review your store setup, which includes your business, store management, and shipping settings.

  • Customize your online store and pages.

  • Update your policies.

Marketing your business

When you're happy with the look and feel of your online store, start thinking about growing the business. Develop a marketing plan to market your business effectively.

Since you've taken over an existing business, you can start by evaluating your current state:

  • Review marketing reports, and other reports in Shopify for insights on how your store is performing. If previously enabled, then review the store’s Google Analytics, too.

  • Engage in extra research, such as sending out a customer survey through Shopify Email. This can help you find out more about your current customer base.

Set goals so that you can analyze the impact of your marketing plan. A newly-purchased business might have goals like:

  • Reduce abandoned carts by 15% in 4 months.

  • Get 100 new email subscribers by next month.

  • Increase your average order value by 20% in 8 months.

If you're having trouble coming up with goals, then consider signing up for the free Goal Setting with Daymond John course on Shopify Learn.

Getting support

Support from the seller

Sellers might offer personal support, which is a valuable asset. If your purchase includes personal support from the seller, then take the opportunity to learn more about the business by asking questions like:

  • What's the brand story, mission, and vision of this business?

  • Can you tell me about your buyers?

  • What were the biggest mistakes you made and learned from?

  • Can you introduce me to your suppliers, and any other relevant contacts?

  • What tools do you use to run the store? What apps do you recommend?

  • What are your thoughts on how to grow and market the business?

Support from Shopify

You can contact Shopify Support anytime for help with setting up or growing your store. If you want more support with your business, then check out additional resources such as:

  • Shopify Community

  • Shopify Blog

  • Shopify Learn

Your newly purchased business might be eligible for the Buyer Success Program. The program involves a two-week period where Buyer Success Specialists assist you with getting set up for success. To learn more about the program and for information about eligibility, contact exchange-support@shopify.com.