Shopify 模板商店下载“Online Store 2.0”

通过从 Shopify 模板商店下载新模板,您可以更新商店外观和获得新功能。

有关 Online Store 2.0 模板的信息,请参阅免费 Shopify 模板相关文档,或浏览模板商店以查找与 Online Store 2.0 兼容的模板。

新的 Online Store 2.0 模板将在今后的几周和几个月内添加。如果您现在找不到满足您业务需求的 Online Store 2.0 模板,请定期返回查看。


您的模板开发人员可能会将当前模板升级为“Online Store 2.0”。


如果您的开发人员尚未将您的模板更新为使用“Online Store 2.0”,您可以与他们联系,了解他们是计划更新该模板,还是会在将来提供使用“Online Store 2.0”的类似模板。


您可以通过将当前模板样式迁移到新架构来将当前模板升级为“Online Store 2.0”。

只有在您习惯编辑 HTML、CSS 和 Liquid 的情况下,才应将自己的模板升级为“Online Store 2.0”。如果您不习惯编辑代码,则可以聘请 Shopify 专家来帮助您。如果您的模板专门为您打造,请考虑联系开发该模板的开发人员或代理,以计划升级。

若要开始迁移您的模板,请按照 上的迁移指南进行操作。

如果您要将当前的模板迁移到“Online Store 2.0”,您应该复制该模板并迁移模板副本。您可以在准备就绪后发布副本。


Download an Online Store 2.0 theme from the Shopify Theme Store

You can update the look of your store and get access to new features by downloading a new theme from the Shopify Theme Store.

For more information about Online Store 2.0 themes, refer to the documentation on free Shopify themes, or browse the theme store to find themes that are compatible with Online Store 2.0.

New Online Store 2.0 themes will be added in the coming weeks and months. If you can't find an Online Store 2.0 theme that meets your business' needs now, then check back in regularly.

Add a new version of your current theme to your store

Your theme developer might upgrade your current theme to Online Store 2.0.

Unlike other theme updates, this update can't be automatically applied to your store. Refer to Updating themes to learn how to add a new version of your current theme to your store.

If your theme developer hasn't yet updated your theme to use Online Store 2.0, then you can contact them to learn whether they plan to update the theme or offer a similar theme that uses Online Store 2.0 in the future.

Migrate your current theme manually

You can upgrade your current theme to Online Store 2.0 by migrating your current theme templates to the new architecture.

You should upgrade your own theme to Online Store 2.0 only if you're comfortable with editing HTML, CSS, and Liquid. If you're not comfortable with editing code, then you can hire a Shopify expert to help you. If your theme was built specifically for you, then consider contacting the developer or agency that built the theme to plan the upgrade.

To start migrating your theme, follow the migration guide on

If you're migrating your current theme to Online Store 2.0, then you should duplicate the theme and migrate the duplicate copy. You can publish the duplicate when you're ready.