Shopify 提供的模板

Shopify 创建的模板是免费的,并且由 Shopify 的模板支持团队提供支持。


模板商店中的免费 Shopify 模板具有 Online Store 2.0 中发布的所有功能,包括每个页面上的分区、应用块、元字段等。这些模板提供了按照您所需的方式构建商店所需的灵活性,且无需编写任何代码。



  • Shopify 提供的模板可免费使用,并包含与 Online Store 2.0 兼容的所有功能。您可以在 Shopify 模板商店中查看这些模板。

  • 第三方模板是除 Shopify 外的其他开发人员构建的模板。这些模板与 Online Store 2.0 兼容,价格和功能不尽相同。

  • 复古模板是 Shopify 的原创免费模板。这些模板没有 Shopify 的 Online Store 2.0 模板中包含的功能,并且不会收到除安全性修复以外的更新。


您随时都可以将在线商店升级为与 Online Store 2.0 兼容的模板。所有免费的 Shopify OS2.0 模板都有相同的整套功能,并可接收新功能的定期更新。


Themes by Shopify

Themes that are created by Shopify are free and supported by Shopify's Theme Support.

About themes

Free Shopify themes in the Theme Store have all the features released as part of Online Store 2.0, including sections on every page, app blocks, metafields, and more. These themes provide the flexibility to build your stores exactly the way you want, without having to write any code.

Theme types

There are three types of themes that you can use with your online store:

  • Themes by Shopify are free to use and include all features compatible with Online Store 2.0. You can view these themes on the Shopify Theme Store.

  • Third-party themes are themes built by a developer other than Shopify. These themes are compatible with Online Store 2.0, and vary in price and features.

  • Vintage themes are Shopify's original free themes. These themes don't have the features included in Shopify's Online Store 2.0 themes, and won't receive updates beyond security fixes.

Upgrading your theme

You can upgrade your online store to an Online Store 2.0-compatible theme at any time. All free Shopify OS2.0 themes have the same feature set, and receive regular updates with new features.