Star Micronics TSP100USB 收据打印机



若要在您的 Shopify 商店中使用此硬件,您需要满足以下要求:

  • 全新 Shopify POS

  • 运行 iOS 12.2 或更高版本的兼容 iPad 或 iPhone 或者运行 5.0 版 (Lollipop) 或更高版本的兼容 Android 设备

哪里可以买到 Star Micronics TSP100USB 收据打印机

Shopify 硬件商店不销售 Star Micronics TSP100USB 收据打印机,但您可以直接从 Barcodes Inc 进行购买。



  • 宽度为 3 1/8 英寸(80 毫米)

  • 最大长度为 230 英尺(70 米)


安装 Star Micronics TSP100USB 收据打印机

TSP100USB 收据打印机使用 USB 线缆连接到您的网络。


  1. 使用现金抽屉电缆将收据打印机连接到 APG Vasario 320 系列现金抽屉。

  2. 使用 USB 线缆,将收据打印机连接到路由器上的 USB 端口。这使得打印机可在 Shopify POS 应用中被发现。


  • 将其设置为默认打印机(可选)

  • 打印测试收据

  • 测试与现金抽屉的连接(如果适用)。

备注:打印机出现问题?联系 Star Micronics 客服以获取帮助。

使用 Star Micronics TSP100USB 收据打印机的限制

Shopify POS 与 Star Micronics TSP100USB 收据打印机之间存在一种独特的 1 对 1 关系,也就是说:

  • 您无法将多台 iPad 连接到同一打印机。

  • Shopify POS 无法与多台打印机同时工作。


Star Micronics TSP100USB receipt printer

Model number: TSP143IIIU


To use this hardware with your Shopify store, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • the all-new Shopify POS

  • a compatible iPad or iPhone that is running iOS 12.2 or higher OR a compatible Android device that is running version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher

Where to buy the Star Micronics TSP100USB receipt printer

The Star Micronics TSP100USB receipt printer is not available from the Shopify Hardware Store, but you can purchase it directly from Barcodes Inc.

Buy printer paper

This printer uses thermal paper rolls with the following dimensions:

  • a width of 3 1/8" (80 mm)

  • a maximum length of 230 feet (70 m)

For an explanation of how to load the receipt printer, see the guide in the manufacturer's hardware manual.

Install the Star Micronics TSP100USB receipt printer

The TSP100USB receipt printer connects to your network using a USB cable.


  1. Connect the receipt printer to the APG Vasario 320 series cash drawer using the cash drawer cable.

  2. Using a USB cable, connect the receipt printer to the USB port on your router. This makes the printer discoverable in the Shopify POS app.

After connecting your printer, don't forget to:

  • Set it as the default printer (optional)

  • Print a test receipt

  • Test the connection to the cash drawer (if applicable).

Limitations when using the Star Micronics TSP100USB receipt printer

Shopify POS has an exclusive, 1-to-1 relationship with the Star Micronics TSP100USB receipt printer, which means the following:

  • You can't connect multiple iPads to the same printer.

  • Shopify POS won't work with multiple printers at the same time.