Shopify 的 Stocky 是 Shopify POS Pro 订阅中包含的库存管理应用。Stocky 可帮助您管理库存,方法是跟踪库存水平,预测所需库存量,并对您应订购的产品提供建议。若要调整库存水平,您可以执行库存盘点并创建库存转移。

使用 Stocky 的要求

Stocky 适用于已启用 POS,并且至少在一个地点使用Shopify POS Pro 的商店。您可以升级您的套餐以添加 Shopify POS Pro,然后从 Shopify 应用商店中安装 Stocky。

如果您的商店未启用 POS,那么您可以在 Shopify 后台中对产品使用库存跟踪。


Stocky 可用于管理您的所有库存,包括库存转移、标签打印和采购订单。



Stocky by Shopify is an inventory management app that's included with Shopify POS Pro subscriptions. Stocky helps you manage your inventory by tracking your inventory levels, forecasting the inventory that you need, and suggesting which products you should order. To adjust your inventory levels, you can perform inventory counts and create inventory transfers.

Requirements for using Stocky

Stocky is available for stores that have Point of Sale enabled for their store, and use Shopify POS Pro for at least one location. You can upgrade your plan to add Shopify POS Pro and then install Stocky from the Shopify App Store.

If you don't have Point of Sale enabled on your store, then you can use inventory tracking in the Shopify admin for your products.

Managing inventory

Stocky lets you manage all of your inventory, including stock transfers, label printing, and purchase orders.