Shopify 社区

当您在 Shopify 上进行销售时,存在一个可以为您提供支持的社区。除了 Shopify 帮助中心以外,还有其他可以帮助您拓展业务的资源,以及可以帮助您与其他企业家建立联系并培养技能的活动。

Shopify 社区为商家、合作伙伴、专家,以及那些期望详细了解 Shopify 的人员提供了讨论论坛。您可以参与商务洽谈、获得来自其他社区成员提供的技术支持,以及从大体上了解有关 Shopify 的详细信息。

如果您刚开店,请查看商店用户反馈区讨论板,通过此讨论板可以获取来自同行商家提供的有关如何充分打造您的 Shopify 体验的反馈。

如果您想为 Shopify 商店开发应用和模板、为商家开发 Shopify 商店,或者向 Shopify 推荐新的商家,Shopify 合作伙伴计划可以为您提供许多资源来帮助您入门。若要详细了解可用的活动和资源,请参阅 Shopify 合作伙伴

有关资源的完整列表,请参阅其他 Shopify 资源和活动

拓展业务:如果您需要设置商店方面的帮助,您可以聘请 Shopify 专家


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Shopify Community

When you sell on Shopify, there's a community supporting you. In addition to the Shopify Help Center, there are other resources to help you grow your business, and events where you can network with other entrepreneurs and build your skills.

The Shopify Community provides discussion forums for merchants, partners, and experts, as well as those looking to learn more about Shopify. You can take part in business conversations, receive support for technical questions from other community members, and learn more about Shopify in general.

If you're just starting your store, then check out the Feedback on my Store discussion board, which is a great place to get feedback from fellow merchants on how to get the most of your Shopify experience.

If you want to develop apps and themes for Shopify stores, build Shopify stores for merchants, or refer new merchants to Shopify, then the Shopify Partner program offers many resources to help you get started. To learn more about the events and resources that are available, see Shopify Partners.

For a full list of resources, see Additional Shopify resources and events.

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