Amazon Handmade 发布指南: 宠物用品


  • 所有商品都必须符合亚马逊一般政策和协议的要求。

  • 所有商品都必须符合 Amazon Handmade 分类指南的要求。

  • 所有商品都必须符合动物和动物制品政策的要求。

  • 所有商品都必须显示用于制作最终商品的成分。

  • 所有宠物食品和零食类商品都必须符合食品和饮料政策的要求。

  • 所有商品都必须符合所有适用法律法规的要求。

  • 所有商品都必须为全新正品。我们不允许在 Amazon Handmade 店铺中销售任何二手、假冒、商标侵权或仿制商品。

  • 所有含激光的宠物玩具都必须符合激光指示器和相关商品政策的要求。

保护 Amazon Handmade 商品的完整性

亚马逊保留自行决定从任何 Amazon Handmade 分类中移除商品的权利。我们会将相关移除事宜告知受影响的手工艺人,他们可以选择对此决定提出申诉。通知将通过卖家平台发送给手工艺人,其中将包含亚马逊进行审核所需信息的详情,以及手工艺人需要向亚马逊提供这些信息的时间范围。


Handmade Listing Guidelines: Pet Supplies

As a Maker, your handmade Pet Supply products must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All products must adhere to Amazon’s general Policies and agreements.

  • All products must meet the Handmade Category Guidelines.

  • All products must adhere to the Animals and Animal Products policies .

  • All products must display the ingredients used in the creation of your final product.

  • All pet food and treat products must meet the Food & beverage policy.

  • All products must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • All products must be new and authentic. We do not allow any used, counterfeit, replica, trademark-infringing or knock-off products on Handmade.

  • Any pet toys containing lasers must comply with the Laser pointers and related products policy.

Protecting Handmade Integrity

Amazon reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove a product from any Amazon Handmade category. We will notify the impacted Maker regarding the removal and the impacted Maker will have the option to appeal this decision. Notifications will be sent to the Maker through Seller Central and will include details on what is needed by Amazon to conduct an audit, as well as the timeframe in which the Maker will need to provide Amazon with this information.