Amazon Handmade: 图片要求最佳实践



有关如何更新您的商品图片的信息,请参阅 Amazon Handmade: 编辑商品信息。


  • 图片必须准确展示商品,且仅展示待售商品。

  • 商品及其所有特色都必须清晰可见。

  • 图片不得包含裸体或有性暗示意味。

  • 主图片要求:

    • 主图片必须采用纯白色背景(纯白色可与亚马逊搜索和商品详情页面融为一体 - RGB 色值为 255、255、255)。

    • 主图片必须是实际商品的高质量照片(不允许使用图形、插图、实物模型或占位符)。

    • 主图片不得显示不包含的配件、可能令买家产生困惑的支撑物、不属于商品一部分的文字或徽标/水印/嵌入图片。

  • 图片尺寸要求:

    • 图片的高度或宽度应至少为 1,000 像素。满足此最小尺寸要求可在网站上实现缩放功能。事实证明,提供缩放功能可以提高销量。

    • 在缩放到最小时,您的文件在最长边可以达到 500 像素。

    • 图片最长边不得超过 10,000 像素。

  • 亚马逊接受 JPEG (.jpg)、TIFF (.tif) 或 GIF (.gif) 文件格式,但首选 JPEG。

    • 我们的服务器不支持 .gif 格式的动图。


  • 建议卖家为每件商品提供 4 张以上的图片:1 张纯白色背景的主图片和 3 张备选图片,以展示商品的更多细节或生活风格视角

  • 其他备选图片(非主图片)应用于展示环境、生活风格、商品细节、包装或商品大小。它们还应用于展示可用的定制选项

  • 如果使用模特,则模特必须站立,不得采用坐姿、跪姿或睡姿。

  • 如果使用模特来展示儿童或婴儿服装,您应同时提供商品平放时的图片。

  • 内衣、女士内衣和泳衣商品的图片不得包含色情淫秽内容,具体由亚马逊全权裁定

  • 商品在取景框内通常应占据图片区域至少 85% 的面积。如果商品带环境背景,则商品应占据至少 50% 的面积。

  • 商品应精心陈列,光线充足且聚焦。

  • 商品应清晰聚焦,最好不要采用浅景深拍摄。

  • 裁剪掉背景中形成干扰的形状。这些会分散买家对您商品的注意力

有用资源: 如果要自行创建图片,您会发现我们的自助成像产品或摄影视频非常有用。





Amazon Handmade: Image Requirements Best Practices

High quality product images display your work in the best manner possible and help drive discoverability of your listings on Amazon. Customers shop visually, based on images that target their individual taste. Use the information below on how to optimize your images; one of the most important factors when shopping for handcrafted products.

Updating Images

For information on how to update your Product Images, see Amazon Handmade: Edit Product Listings.

Product Image Requirements

  • Images must accurately represent the product and show only the product that is for sale.

  • The product and all its features must be clearly visible.

  • Images must not contain nudity or be sexually suggestive.

  • MAIN Image Requirements:

    • MAIN images must have a pure white background (pure white blends in with the Amazon search and product detail pages—RGB color values of 255, 255, 255).

    • MAIN images must be high quality photographs of the actual product (graphics, illustrations, mockups, or placeholders are not allowed).

    • MAIN images must not show excluded accessories; props that might confuse the customer; text that is not part of the product; or logos, watermarks, or inset images.

  • Image sizing Requirements:

    • Images should be 1,000 pixels or larger in either height or width. This minimum size requirement enables the zoom function on the website. Zoom has been proven to enhance sales.

    • The smallest your file can be is 500 pixels on its longest side.

    • Images must not exceed 10,000 pixels on the longest side.

  • Amazon accepts JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif) or GIF (.gif) file formats, but JPEG is preferred.

    • Our servers do not support animated .gifs.

Product Image Best Practices

  • We recommend each product have 4+ images; 1 MAIN image on white background and 3 Alternative Images to show additional details or lifestyle views of the product

  • Alternative Images (NON-MAIN images) should be used to show environment, lifestyle, product detail, packaging, or scale of product. They should also be used to show available customization options

  • If models are used, they must be standing, not sitting, kneeling, or lying down.

  • If a model is used for Children’s or Baby clothing, you should include images of the item flat.

  • Images of intimate clothing, lingerie, and swimwear products cannot be sexually explicit or obscene, as determined at the sole discretion of Amazon

  • The product should typically fill at least 85% of the frame. If the product is shown in an environment, it should fill at least 50%.

  • The product should be thoughtfully laid out, well lit and in focus.

  • The product should have sharp focus and ideally not a shallow depth of field.

  • Crop distracting shapes that appear in the background. These can detract from your product

Helpful Resources: If you are creating your own images, you may find our self-service imaging products or photography videos useful.

Good Image Examples:

The following are good alternative Image:

 Bad Image Examples: