对于从欧盟境外和中国大陆以外发货的欧盟路向订单,wish商户需要向物流服务商额外提供一些订单信息,以正确填写报关单。有关如何查找此类信息并提供给物流服务商的更多详情,请参阅此文章的“2. 从欧盟境外中国大陆以外发货的欧盟路向订单”部分。

“要求支付消费者 VAT”订单对物流服务商的要求

对于在 CEST 时间2021年6月26日凌晨0时(即 UTC 时间2021年6月25日晚10时)及之后释放的欧盟路向订单,如果产品的货值(即用户支付的产品价格)大于150欧元,从 CEST 时间2021年7月1日凌晨0时起,这些订单在商户平台或 Merchant Plus 平台上还会显示“要求支付消费者 VAT”标记。如需了解如何履行此类订单的更多信息,请参阅此指南中有关欧盟路向订单一节的说明。


2. Shipping EU-bound orders from outside of the EU AND outside of Mainland China

Additional order information for customs declaration

When shipping any EU-bound orders from outside of the EU AND outside of Mainland China, merchants are required to file/share additional order information with shipping carriers as a part of customs declaration. Please see this guide and navigate to “2. Shipping to the EU from outside of the EU AND outside of Mainland China” section to learn more details on locating this information and filing it with shipping carriers.

“Pay Customer VAT “PC-VAT” required” orders carrier requirements

For EU-bound orders released on or after June 26, 2021 12:00AM CEST (i.e., June 25, 2021 10:00PM UTC) with a consignment value of the corresponding product (i.e., customer-paid product price) greater than €150 specifically, they will be highlighted with an additional “Pay Customer VAT “PC-VAT” required” flag in Merchant Dashboard or Merchant Plus dashboard, starting July 1, 2021 12:00AM CEST. See more information on fulfilling these orders under the Orders bound for the European Union (EU) section of this guide.