USPS 配送服务和限制

美国邮政署 (USPS) 有权拒收在货件标签上打印的原始发货日期之后才提交的包裹。该政策与其他所有 USPS 政策均适用于所有 USPS 服务。



请参阅以下 USPS 网站页面,了解有关适用配送服务的信息:

  • 平邮邮件

  • 媒介类商品邮件

  • 优先邮件

  • 优先特快专递



APO 和 FPO 地址

  • 对包裹而言,最长边与最厚部分周长相加后的总长度不能超过 130 英寸。

  • 标准 USPS 运输时间不适用于 APO 和 FPO 地址。运输时间取决于特定的 APO 或 FPO 地址。例如,运输到舰队邮局的时间就与运输到国内陆军基地的时间不同。

  • 对 APO 和 FPO 包裹的配送确认只确认军队已经收到包裹。没有目标收件人收到包裹的确认。


请参阅以下 USPS 网站页面,了解有关适用配送服务的信息:

  • 国际平邮邮件

  • 国际优先邮件

  • 国际特快专递


使用 USPS 优先邮件统一费率配送的商品必须放在所提供的包装中。对于统一费率信封,这些尺寸的单位为立方英寸(长 x 宽 x 高)。

统一费率信封: 不超过 180 立方英寸。

带衬垫的统一费率信封: 不超过 240 立方英寸。

法律统一费率信封: 不超过 220 立方英寸。

有关对其他 USPS 优先邮件统一费率商品的限制,请参考 USPS 优先邮件页面。

USPS 优先邮件的立方体积限制:

  • “购买配送”目前未提供软包装的立方体积定价

  • 包装应为箱子,而非卷筒、圆管、软包装或信封

  • 箱子不得超过 20 磅。

  • 最长边的长度不超过 18 英寸

  • 箱子的总立方体积不超过 0.50 立方英尺

  • 如需准确定价,请测量长度、宽度和高度(以英寸为单位)。将每个测量值四舍五入为最接近的 1/4 英寸。例如,6-1/8 英寸 x 5-7/8 英寸 x 6-3/8 英寸四舍五入为 6 英寸 x 5-3/4 英寸 x 6-1/4 英寸。

  • 要计算立方体积,请将长度、宽度和高度相乘,然后除以 1728。例如: 6 英寸 x 5-3/4 英寸 x 6-1/4 英寸 = 215.6 除以 1728 = 0.125。

没有街道配送的区域: USPS 对美国某些邮政编码的地址不提供街道配送。这些地址也是未经 USPS 验证的地址。当包裹被发往这些地址时,买家需要到邮局取件。为了提供最佳的买家体验,并遵守《美国残疾人法》对于发往这些邮政编码的地址的订单,将使用【购买配送】中可以配送至买家地址的承运人。


USPS Shipping Services and Restrictions

The United States Postal Service (USPS) reserves the right to refuse packages submitted to them after the original ship date printed on the shipping label. This and all other USPS policies apply to all USPS services.

To learn more about shipping models and settings, see Shipping overview.


Refer to the following pages on the USPS website for information about the applicable shipping service:

  • First Class Mail

  • Media Mail

  • Priority Mail

  • Priority Mail Express

Transit Times

Buy Shipping provides sellers with protection from negative feedback and delivery delays when purchasing labels. To proactively protect our customers and sellers, we adjust the transit time for certain ship from and ship to pairs based on historical performance for each product. This may result in a shipping product not being available in Buy Shipping for an order when originally expected to be.

APO and FPO addresses

  • For packages, the measurement of the longest side plus the distance around the thickest part cannot be more than 130 inches.

  • The standard USPS transit times do not apply to APO and FPO addresses. Transit times depend on the specific APO or FPO address. For example, the transit time to a fleet PO is different from the transit time to a domestic Army base.

  • Delivery confirmation for APO and FPO packages only confirm that the military has received the package. There is no confirmation that the intended recipient has received the package.


Refer to the following pages on the USPS website for information about the applicable shipping service:

  • First Class Mail International

  • Priority Mail International

  • Express Mail International


Items shipped using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate products must fit within the provided packaging. For Flat Rate envelopes, these dimensions are defined by cubic inches (L x W x H).

Flat Rate envelope: No more than 180 cubic inches.

Padded Flat Rate envelope: No more than 240 cubic inches.

Legal Flat Rate envelope: No more than 220 cubic inches.

For restrictions on other USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate products, please reference the USPS Priority Mail page.

USPS Priority Mail Cubic Restrictions:

  • Cubic pricing for soft pack is not available from Buy Shipping at this time

  • Package should be a box and not a roll, tube, soft-pack, or envelope

  • Box must not exceed 20 lbs.

  • Longest side of any measurement is 18 inches or less

  • Total cubic volume of the box is 0.50 cubic feet or less

  • For accurate pricing, measure the length, width, and height in inches. Round down each measurement to the nearest 1/4 inch. For example, 6-1/8" x 5-7/8" x 6-3/8" is rounded down to 6" x 5-3/4" x 6-1/4".

  • To calculate cubic volume, multiply the length by the width by the height and divide by 1728. For example: 6" x 5-3/4" x 6-1/4" = 215.6 divided by 1728 = 0.125.

Areas with no street delivery: The USPS has certain ZIP Codes in the U.S. where they do not offer street delivery. These are also addresses not validated by the USPS. When a package is sent to these addresses, the customers are required to come and pick up their packages at the post office. In order to provide the best customer experience, and to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, orders for these ZIP Codes will have a carrier that is able to deliver to the customer address in Buy Shipping.