如果 Wish 怀疑商户注册时提供的信息不准确、不实或有误,则商户或将面临账户被暂停交易、资金被暂扣或冻结、用户被封禁、账户被终止或封禁,或账户使用或访问上的其他限制,且商户的应收款项也可能会被 Wish 没收或暂扣,直至/除非商户提供证据(包括但不限于商户的身份信息、企业成立或注册文件、政府颁发的身份证明文件和/或有关商户所在国家的其他证明等),证明商户的注册信息准确、真实、无误。

此外,如果 Wish 给予商户的任何促销或商业条款是基于商户提供的不准确、不实或有误的注册信息,则 Wish 有权(通过抵扣、没收资金或其他方式)收回因商户提供不准确、不实或有误信息致使 Wish 给予商户促销或商业条款而未收到的任何款项。

上述政策自 UTC 时间2021年8月29日晚上7时起全面生效。



1.3ERP 合作伙伴和私服 API 受《合作伙伴服务条款》的约束

ERP 合作伙伴和在 Wish 平台上使用私服 API 的商户受《Wish API 服务条款》的约束。




  • 不正当地向外部方公开用户的姓名和地址

  • 公开 API 令牌

  • 分享账户密码




Last updated on July 29, 2021

1.1Information provided at registration must be true and correct

Information provided at registration must be accurate, true, and correct. This includes, but is not limited to, merchant identity, identification document(s), and merchant’s country of domicile.

If Wish suspects the information provided by a merchant during a merchant’s registration process is inaccurate, false, or incorrect, the merchant’s account may be at risk of suspension, funds withholding or freeze, user ban, account termination or ban, or other account use or access restriction, and any payments that may be due to a merchant may be forfeited or withheld by Wish until and unless the merchant has provided proof that the merchant’s registration information is accurate, true, and correct, including, but not limited to, proof of the merchant’s identity, business incorporation or registration documents, government issued identification document(s), and/or other proof of the merchant’s country of domicile.

Furthermore, if any promotions or business terms that Wish offers to a merchant is based on inaccurate, false, or incorrect registration information provided by a merchant, Wish may recover from the merchant (via an offset, fund forfeiture, or otherwise) any amounts that Wish would have otherwise received had it not offered the merchant the promotion or business term based on the inaccurate, false, or incorrect registration information provided by a merchant.

The above policy takes full effect starting August 29, 2021 7:00PM UTC.

1.2Each entity may have one account only

If any company or person has multiple accounts all accounts risk suspension.

1.3ERP Partners and Private API are subject to Partner Terms of Service

ERP Partners and Private API merchants that are used on Wish are subject to the Wish API Terms of Service.

1.4Merchants must properly safeguard customer data

Failing to properly safeguard personal customer information and data may result in higher penalties, suspension, and/or termination.

Examples of improper safeguarding of customer information and data include, but are not limited to:

  • Improperly exposing names and addresses of customers to outside parties

  • Posting API tokens publicly

  • Sharing passwords to accounts

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