wish商户平台的政策有助于建立和维持用户对 Wish 国际市场的信任,让wish商户平台得以不断连接您的产品与全球客户。如果遵守这些政策,您的店铺即可参与Wish 提供的各种项目。

1商户应始终向 Wish 提供真实准确的信息

商户应始终向 Wish 提供真实准确的信息。商户在 Wish 平台上提供的信息应真实且准确。产品详情页应真实且准确,包括但不限于产品图片、库存和价格。产品图片应准确展现所售产品。产品描述中不应包含与产品图片不符的内容。




  1. 迅速履行订单。

  2. 使用可靠、高效的配送方法。


Policy Overview

Last updated on July 16, 2020

Our policies help build and maintain customer trust in Wish’s international marketplace, so we can continually connect your products with customers worldwide. If you follow these policies, your store can participate in various programs offered on Wish.

1Merchants provide Wish truthful and accurate information at all times

Merchants provide Wish truthful and accurate information at all times Merchants are expected to be truthful and accurate when entering information into the Wish platform. Product listings should be truthful and accurate, this includes but not limited to images, inventory, pricing. Product images should depict the product being sold accurately. The product description should not include conditions that are different from the product image.

2Merchants should ensure orders are delivered to the customer as fast as possible

Customers expect to get what they ordered promptly. Merchants should ensure the customers receive what they ordered as quickly as possible.

Accomplish this by:

  1. Fulfilling orders quickly.

  2. Using reliable and efficient shipping methods.