“Wish 认证”徽章的常见问题解答

1. 产品如何才能获得“Wish 认证”徽章?

wish商户平台会定期对所有产品自动进行评估,用户反馈非常好的畅销产品就有资格获得“Wish 认证”徽章。

商户应重点从以下方面提高产品表现,增加获得“Wish 认证”徽章的机会:

  • 保持较低的产品退款率

  • 获得较高的产品评分

  • 保持较高的销量

若要了解您的产品表现,请登录商户平台,前往产品 > 查看所有产品页面,选择要查看的产品,点击右侧的“操作”下拉菜单,然后选择“查看产品表现”。

2. 已经获得的“Wish 认证”徽章是否会失去?

会。已经获得“Wish 认证”徽章的产品必须满足所有条件,才能继续在 Wish 应用或 wish.com 网站的产品页面上显示该徽章。

3. 如何确定哪些产品获得了“Wish 认证”徽章?

在商户平台的产品 > 查看所有产品页面上,已经获得“Wish 认证”徽章的产品带有一个蓝色对勾标记,如下所示:


Below are some commonly asked questions about the Verified by Wish badge.

1. How can my products be awarded the Verified by Wish badge?

All products are automatically and periodically evaluated. Top-selling products with exceptional customer feedback are eligible.

Merchants are encouraged to focus on the following to improve product performance for a higher chance to earn a Verified by Wish badge:

  • Ensure low refund ratio for products

  • Achieve high ratings for products

  • Maintain a high number of sales

To monitor your products' performance, please visit the Merchant Dashboard Products > View All Products page, select the product you are interested in, click the "Actions" dropdown menu on the right-hand side, and select "View Product Listing Performance".

2. Can products lose the Verified by Wish badge?

Yes. Products that were previously awarded a Verified by Wish badge must meet all criteria in order to continue having the badge shown on its product's page in Wish app or wish.com

3. How do I check which products are awarded a Verified by Wish badge?

The products with a Verified by Wish badge will be shown to merchants with a blue checkmark on the Merchant Dashboard Products > View All Products page, as shown below: